HealthyGamerGG x Why You Can’t Turn Your Creativity Into ANYTHING

6:20 'just practice' 5:50 answer 1? develop discipline 7:50 brain is efficient, dislikes adversity can train neurons fire, repeat: habits formed dont need to restrict/control impulse gratify 10:15 impulse is (+) energy, but then u get frustrated, then stop 11:28 looking for formula, how to sustain 'impulse' ❌ [explosion of creativity] + discipline = success 13:10 relying on firecracker over candle train your impulsivity 14:35 ! train your impulsivity starting on impulse, cant sustain 15:20 meditating: recognise the reason/focus, lvling up impulsivity 15:40 train attention on 1 thing, mind wanders, but try to focus on candle 15:55 wait for the wandering mind, watch the smoke, mind wanders, bring it back (mind pushup, return) 17:05 slow down your start: feel like doing it for 1000h/day? ❌ recognise u have a limited amount of fuel, set aside a specific time each day, ! space out creative energy to last, into habit formation

19:20 u need to have that creative energy LAST til u can recruit other parts of ur brain: building a schedule, habit formation 20:20 decouple actions from reward, so actions are not reward/impulse based ===
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Today Dr.K talks about how to stay creative, how to always be creative, how to act on your ideas, how to turn ideas into reality, how to be creative, how to create something, how to follow through, and more. HealthyGamer also discusses what to do when unmotivated, how to fix motivation, how to build a habit, habit building creativity, creative habits, and more. ===
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