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  1. Ladies In Tech with Jenn Lukas

    Jenn Lukas drops by to talk about her initiative, Ladies in Tech. We discuss her first speaking experiences, what prompted her to begin Ladies in Tech, gender disparity in our industry and what we think could be done about it. We also discuss her addiction to Tumblr, how to decide the best CMS for a project, and latest updates from CMSes we’re following!

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  2. Why Europe Is Willing To Regulate Tech More Than The U.S. : NPR

    Though Congress has had many tech executives testify on Capitol Hill about their operations, it hasn’t led to any major regulations of the tech industry. Europe, on the other hand, seems far more willing to impose limitations. NPR’s Ari Shapiro discusses why that might be with Harvard law professor Jonathan Zittrain.

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  3. Detroit Hopes To Drive Tech Startups Away From Silicon Valley : All Tech Considered : NPR

    It doesn’t have a lot of high-tech companies, but the city is interested in attracting young tech entrepreneurs. Detroit’s rents are far more affordable, but then there are the brutally cold winters.

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  4. Verizon’s Metamorphosis: Can You See Me As A Tech Giant Now? : All Tech Considered : NPR

    Verizon has transformed from a child of the Bell monopoly to parent of tech legends AOL and Yahoo. It wants to play with Google and Facebook — but don’t expect a full transformation just yet.

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