What is Dependent Personality Disorder? | Comprehensive Review

This video answers the question: Can I conduct a comprehensive analysis and review of Dependent Personality Disorder?

Dependent Personality Disorder:

  • Cluster C personality disorder (anxious, fearful) along with Avoidant & OCPD

Eight symptom criteria, five must be met for a diagnosis to be given

  1. Has difficulty making everyday decisions without an excessive amount of advice and reassurance from others.
  2. Needs others to assume responsibility for most major areas of their life.
  3. Has difficulty expressing disagreement with others because of fear of loss of support or approval.
  4. Has difficulty initiating projects or doing things on their own (because of a lack of self confidence rather than a lack of motivation)
  5. Goes to excessive lengths to obtain nurturance and support from others, to the point of volunteering to do things that are unpleasant.
  6. Feels uncomfortable or helpless when alone because of exaggerated fears of being unable to care for themselves.
  7. Urgently seeks another relationship as a source of care and support when a close relationship ends.
  8. Is unrealistically preoccupied with fears of being left to take care of themselves

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