What is Linux? - Linux Explained

Here is an overview of Linux desktops, distributions, software and security, as well as explaining what Linux is, how it works, and how it was created. I decided to finally make this video to help gain some knowledge for people who are interested in possibly trying it out. For such a short video, I think this one took the longest to create! So if you’re wondering, what is linux? Hopefully this answers your questions.

Video links: Linux Directories Explained : https://youtu.be/HbgzrKJvDRw How to install software in Linux : https://youtu.be/19O5kFdtKb0 How to Dualboot/Multiboot : https://youtu.be/Crleyglb4mo

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Timestamps 00:00 Intro 00:25 The Kernel & Components 01:15 A Brief History 01:58 The different looks and desktops 02:59 The Distributions 04:42 Available Software 06:11 Gaming/Steam 06:33 Installing Software 07:18 Drivers 08:04 Older hardware performance 08:26 Security and Viruses 09:53 Why doesn’t everyone use Linux? 10:40 Linux is all around you! 11:15 How to try Linux easily 12:08 Conclusion

So, what is linux? This is Linux Explained. Enjoy!

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