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  1. Service Marketplaces: “TaskRabbit for Kenya” with Adam and Johannes from Lynk – Sam Floy

    A huge amount of employment in East Africa exists in the informal sector. People often working on an ad hoc basis with little record of what they do. This means that it is difficult for workers to build a reputation, and for customers generate trust. Adam and Johannes at Lynk see a great opportunity to…

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  2. The economics of weddings, chores, and adultery.

    Listen to Episode No. 65 of Slate Money: Subscribe in iTunes ∙ RSS feed ∙ Download ∙ Play in another tab On this episode of Slate Money, Jenny Anderson of Quartz joins host Felix Salmon of Fusion, Cathy O’Neil of, and Slate’s Moneybox columnist Jordan Weissmann to talk about…

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  3. AoC Toolbox #10, Dr. Robert Glover, “No More Mr. Nice Guy” (Episode #145)

    Dr. Robert Glover, author of NO MORE MR NICE GUY: A Proven Plan For Getting What You Want in Love, Sex and life (Running Press, 2003), is an internationally recognized authority on the Nice Guy Syndrome.

    Dr. Glover has worked with thousands of Nice Guys and their partners through therapy, groups, classes, and workshops. As a result of his work, Dr. Glover has watched countless Men transform from being passive, resentful victims to empowered, integrated males. Along with these personal changes have come similar transformations in these men’s professional careers and intimate relationships.

    Buy No More Mr Nice Guy on Amazon HERE

    Dr. Glover is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of Washington. He lives in Bellevue, WA and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, because he’s a badass like that.

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  4. AoC Toolbox #9, Matt, The Evolution of an AoC Student (Episode #150)

    Ever wondered what it was like to go through a program here at The Art of Charm?

    We interviewed Matt, a recent graduate of our weeklong residential Attraction program.

    This interview is especially insightful because not only did we interview Matt after his program, but we caught up with him BEFOREHAND to get a handle on his expectations, checked in with him DURING the program, as well as immediately afterward.

    In this incredible 3-part episode, you can actually listen in on Matt’s evolution and see if you’re ready to make the same transformation yourself.

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  5. AoC Toolbox #8, Tim Ferriss, Four Hour Chef & Four Hour Work Week (Episode #178)

    Holy crap! The Tim Ferriss interview! Finally!

    (Jordan’s note: We LITERALLY released this at MIDNIGHT Eastern time on Nov 20th so that we’re the FIRST interview Tim could give after his book was officially launched -take that …everyone else!)

    His new book is out and AJ & Jordan talk with Tim about:

    Meta-Learning Life-hacking Startups Innovations that will change the world forever I mean, it’s Tim Ferriss, ’nuff said, right?!?

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