An interview with Scotty Allen (Strangeparts) | The Amp Hour Electronics Podcast

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  1. 123: Scotty Allen

    Our guest this week is Scotty Allen. Scotty is a nomadic engineer, entrepreneur, adventurer and storyteller who orbits around San Francisco and Shenzhen, China. He runs a YouTube channel Strange Parts, a travel adventure show for geeks where he goes on adventures ranging from building his own iPhone in China to trying to make a manhole cover in India.

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  2. Scotty - NSBrief #24

    Steve "Scotty" Scott (@macdevnet) is a mac podcasting legend. On a recent visit to the MacTech conference in LA, I discussed how Scotty got his foot in the door as a mac developer to become the podcasting and videocasting giant he is today!


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  3. Developing an IT Mindset w/ Scotty Loveless

    Scotty Loveless joins Zachary to talk about becoming your own IT person, the role of empathy in IT, & the secret to maximizing your time at the Genius Bar.

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  4. Scotty Bowman on coaching some of the best to lace them up in the NHL

    Legendary hockey coach Scotty Bowman discusses the NHL’s top 100 players and the many great hockey players he coached through the years. Bowman also shares his opinion on the NHL All Star Game.

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  5. Scotty Bowman on Prime Time Sports

    Scotty Bowman, Senior Advisor for the Chicago Blackhawks, discusses Chicago’s hot start and the state of the game with so many up-and-coming stars now playing in the National Hockey League.

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  6. Cheer me up, Scotty - Future Tense - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    Project Hieroglyph is an initiative that aims to break science fiction writers’€™ addiction to the negative. Ed Finn, Director of the Center for Science and Imagination at Arizona State University, explains why positive science fiction stories are important for our future.

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  7. Bowman: First few seasons with the St. Louis Blues

    Hall of Famer, Scotty Bowman, who coached the Blues to three straight Stanley Cup Final appearances, discusses being with the franchise during their first few seasons in the NHL, the success he enjoyed with the club, and how they influenced the Broad Street Bullies.

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  8. The Trust Engineers

    How a tiny group of social engineers are making our online relationships kindler and gentler, whether we like it or not.

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  9. Vector 59: Our new iPhones | iMore

    Vector is a news and analysis show focusing on the biggest stories, hottest trends, and most important issues in technology and popular culture. On this week’s show, we talk about how we chose our new iPhones — except for Guy who just downloaded iOS 8 — and what we think of them, iPhone scalpers and questions of racism, U2’s supposed plans to bring back albums and fight piracy, Apple’s new security and privacy policies and possible government backlash, and which of us secretly wants a gold Retina MacBook Air… Brought to you by: Go to and use promo code GoToAssist3030 to save 30%. Go to and use promo code vector50 to save $50 off your next Drobo. Go to and tell them Vector sent you!

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  10. Material Conference 2017: Stories and the Web - BBC R&D - Tristan Ferne

    Stories have form and structure. Beginnings, middles and endings. People, places and things. Setbacks, climaxes and conflict. And the web has form and structure. Sites, pages & links. Interactivity, personalisation and adaptation.

    He’ll look at how stories and the web can interconnect and overlap in forms and structure, showing examples of some of the new ways that people are telling stories using the web. From choosing your level of detail, varying the length, personalising a story and interacting with explanations, to the latest BBC experiments with voice-controlled stories and atomised news.

    And he’ll explain how the BBC is experimenting with atomising media and deconstructing stories into fundamental, structured building blocks that we can present in new and powerful ways; building responsive stories for the web.

    Tristan Ferne is the lead producer at BBC Research & Development where he uses technology and design to prototype the future of media and the Web.

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