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  1. Cohere Podcast: Here Comes Everybody (Else) with Randy Farmer

    There are signals from the market that there is a massive surge of participation in online communities (and related forms of digital collaboration).

    Zoom is reporting that their app downloads have increased 30X year / year

    A leading enterprise community platform vendor is claiming a 47% incre

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  2. What is the Indie Web?: This Week in Google 266

    Kevin Marks talks with Leo Laporte and Jeff Jarvis about the Indie Web and Ben Werdmüller & Erin Jo Richey of Known( show off their platform for being able to publishing and control your online content. For the full episode, go to

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  3. Design Systems Podcast 10. Jeremy Keith: Overcoming Entropy and Turning Chaos Into Order

    Chris and Jeremy Keith discuss imbuing teams with a shared sense of ownership of their design system, creating design systems able to address unforeseen scenarios, design ops as an essential part of an effective design system, and more.

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  4. Episode 28 with Jim Kalbach on Experience Mapping and Design in Business

    Episode 28 highlights with Jim Kalbach:

    • What is the difference between user experience, customer experience and marketing

    • Jim’s background in UX design and how that helped him transition to his role now in customer experience and product education

    • Remembering that the “grass is never greener” and no organization is perfect in order to have a longer term impact where you work

    • What is the true secret to becoming a kick ass design leader

    • The long term effects of even the smallest UX and user research decisions

    • Experience mapping principles and tips from Jim’s book

    • Building empathy and understanding for your stakeholders and business to be a more successful designer

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