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  1. The Weekly Review - 39: A Very Long Story, With Special Guest Rosemary Orchard

    We have a special guest this week, Rosemary Orchard, co-author of Build Your OmniFocus Workflow. Rosemary was inspired to create a task management system that worked the way she wanted it to, thanks to by her school experience with planners and a little website called 43 Folders.

    Special event! Rosemary and her Automators co-host David Sparks will be attending PodCon in Seattle January 19-20, and they are organizing an Automators meetup. James and Jean will be attending too!

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  2. In Our Time - Hope

    Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss the philosophy of hope - a weakness or a strength?

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  3. Episode 29 with Jorge Arango

    Episode 29 highlights with Jorge Arango:

    • The similarities between physical architecture and UX design

    • Tips we can apply from the process of architecture to digital design

    • How to think about physical spaces to inform the digital information spaces you create

    • Feedback loops in digital information spaces

    • How the rate of change in physical buildings vs. digital spaces has changed our expectations as a culture

    • The ways language greatly impact our expectations and design of digital spaces

    • Design ethics in digital places where civic discourse happens and how we as designers can be more mindful in creating them

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  4. Podcast: Talking Food Delivery With Freshly’s Michael Wystrach | The Spoon

    A few years ago, Michael Wystrach had left a career in finance and was looking to get healthy.

    The problem? He hated cooking.

    Lucky for him, not only did he own a restaurant, but he also had a good family friend who could design a healthy meal plan for him. He soon had his own chefs preparing nutritional meals for him, and it wasn’t long before he was in the best shape of his life.

    Wystrach knew not everyone could have chefs prepare food for them, so he started thinking about how others like him could get healthy food delivered to their home and soon the idea for Freshly was born.

    In this episode, I catch up with Michael and talk about those early days, how Freshly differentiates from others in a highly competitive market, and where he sees both the industry and company headed in the future.

    You can listen to the episode below, download it here or subscribe in Apple Podcasts or your favorite podcast service.

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  5. Cory Doctorow LIVE at San Diego Comic Con

    Science fiction author, activist, blogger, and journalist Cory Doctorow is one of the most lucid and fascinating thinkers when it comes to the question of how technology and society shape each other. He writes a kind of science fiction that frequently takes place in a future very much like an extension of our present, and which resists classifications like “dystopia” or “utopia.” Cory sat down with Barnes & Noble Sci-Fi and Fantasy Blog editor Joel Cunningham at this year’s San Diego Comic Con and discussed his most recent novel

    Walk Away, along with a retrospective of his past work.

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  6. The Magic Show - This American Life

    Former kid magicians Ira Glass and David Kestenbaum dive back into the world of magic.

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  7. Sketchnote Army

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  8. Fog Creek Software CEO Anil Dash on Too Embarrassed to Ask: transcript - Recode

    Silicon Valley diversity? Check. Silicon Valley ethics? Check. Mangoes? Check.

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  9. Triangulation 356 Adam Fisher, Valley of Genius

    Adam Fisher is the author of Valley of Genius: The Uncensored History of Silicon Valley (As Told by the Hackers, Founders, and Freaks Who Made It Boom). He talks with Leo Laporte a…

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  10. 10+ iPhone Productivity Strategies from Apple Tech Jedi David Sparks (TPS199)

    The capability and portability of the iPhone have allowed people to work when and where they like. Make the most of your Apple technology with 10+ productivity strategies from Apple Tech Jedi David Sparks (aka "MacSparky").

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