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  1. 10+ iPhone Productivity Strategies from Apple Tech Jedi David Sparks (TPS199)

    The capability and portability of the iPhone have allowed people to work when and where they like. Make the most of your Apple technology with 10+ productivity strategies from Apple Tech Jedi David Sparks (aka "MacSparky").

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  2. Hanselminutes Technology Podcast - Fresh Air and Fresh Perspectives for Developers - Which JavaScript Stack should I learn? with Tracy Lee

    The Hanselminutes Podcast by Scott Hanselman - Fresh Air for Developers - Deep tech talk from an inclusive perspective

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  3. Adactio: Articles—Taking Back The Web

    This presentation on the indie web was delivered as the opening keynote at Webstock in Wellington, Zealand in February 2018.

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  4. Remembering Anthony Bourdain - The Ringer

    Plus: meeting the ‘Atlanta’ cast and awards bait


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  5. Is Kevin Durant The Finals MVP? | FiveThirtyEight

    Welcome to The Lab, FiveThirtyEight’s basketball podcast. On Thursday’s show (June 7, 2018), Neil, Kyle and Chris catch up after Game 3 of the 2018 NBA Finals. …

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  6. Bruce Sterling at Reboot (Scripting News)

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    Bruce Sterling at Reboot

    Wednesday, October 21, 2009 by Dave Winer.

    Bruce Sterling gave a wonderful talk at the Reboot Conference this summer in Copenhagen. At the beginning of the talk I wanted to strangle him, but as it progressed, it made more and more sense. By the end I thought it was one of the best speeches I’d ever heard, a story that I think everyone should hear. I’ve made an MP3 of his talk because I want to make it available to people in my family as a podcast. I hope Bruce and the people at Reboot don’t mind.  

    He talks about clearing your life of posessions, how you should divide everything into four categories: 1. Beautiful things. 2. Things with emotional value. 3. Functional things. 4. Everything else.  

    Divide each category into the things you keep and the things you get rid of. In category 1, you can keep it if it’s on display in your house, if you show it to your friends, if you share it. If not, then you don’t need it, it’s taking up space and time, which you’re paying for with your money, time and health. Take a picture, put it on a thumb drive, take it everywhere with you and get rid of the original. In category 2, if it has a compelling story, one that you actually tell people, you can keep it. In category 3, unless it’s very good at what it does and it does something you do a lot of, it goes. And of course everything in category 4 goes. 

    He says you shouldn’t try to do this in normal times. Wait until a spouse dies, a divorce, a child is born or a child leaves home. Wait till you move. It pays to figure out now what you want to do when that time comes. 

    I know Sterling is right because I’ve had things like that happen and I’ve done it both ways. Most of the time I don’t clean house, and miss the opportunity to improve my life. But sometimes I do make the changes and it’s always, in the end, been a good thing. Most people advise you not to make changes in times of great life turmoil. That’s exactly the wrong advice. Those are the only times you can make change. 

    This is a hot topic in my family because of Father’s Day. It just happened, and the shock is just now beginning to set in. It’s strange that along with the pain and sorrow, there’s also a new sense of freedom, of possibilities. It’s palpable. And it doesn’t take a second to locate the source — it’s the changes Sterling talked about so eloquently. 

    Anyway, most of the time most of us are not in position to do anything about the mess in our lives. But listen to Sterling’s talk. It’s only 43 minutes. It might be the best 43 minutes you’ve ever spent. 

    View the forum thread.

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  7. 203: Perfect 6 with David Sparks

    David Sparks, a.k.a. MacSparky, joins Brett for a Top-3-Picks-only episode.

    And of course to talk about the new book they co-wrote.

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  8. 195: Existing as a Curiosity with Merlin Mann

    Merlin Mann, podcaster, man about the internet, and devastatingly handsome

    provocateur, joins Brett to talk about the state of writing on the web,

    Merlin’s podcasts, and maybe even some politics.

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  9. 198: Automation for the People with Sal Soghoian

    Sal Soghoian was known as the "AppleScript and Automator guy" at Apple for

    20 years, and is now heading up the upcoming CMD-D conference. He joins

    Brett to talk about his history, his future, and throw in a couple of

    amazing Steve Jobs stories.

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  10. Episode 21: Hoyas recruiting — and rebounding? | Ben Standig on Patreon

    Official Post from Ben Standig: On the latest episode of the "Basketball in the DMV" podcast with Ben Standig (@benstandig):* Introduction and welcome to the podcast  * 3:32 — Patrick Ewing and freshman wing threat Jamarko Pickett met with the media ahead of Saturday’s game at Creighton. Topics include Ewing’s primary issue with

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