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  1. GBBP 78: Astronaut Chris Hadfield - GeekDad

    The Great Big Beautiful Podcast, Episode 78: Chris Hadfield


    Chris Hadfield is on Twitter here.

    The show is on Twitter here and Facebook here.

    Jamie is on Twitter and Instagram as @theroarbots.

    Justin is on Twitter and Instagram as @140JustinC.


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    Jamie GreeneJamie is a publishing/book nerd who makes a living by wrangling words together into some sense of coherence. When he’s not knee deep in a convoluted grammatical mess of a sentence, he’s likely on an adventure with his two adorable ragamuffins. You can check out more of his ramblings on The Roarbots,, and Babble.

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  2. Feel, Felt, Found | Manager Tools

    This cast describes a simple verbal tool for addressing tension, conflict or other ineffective emotions in the workplace.

    Mark has finally gotten around to writing this cast down! Every time Mark teaches this technique to an executive or manager, he turns to Mike and says, "we gotta make this a cast." And then he doesn’t. When you see this work the first time, you’ll be surprised. In almost any situation, you’ll see a noticeable lessening of the tension. You’ll probably also feel better at moving forward PAST the frustration or difficulties that are being discussed. When you use this with your directs, it often helps begin the process of solution finding.

    And to our good friend Rich Ruh, who told Mark this past week at our San Antonio conference that after reading Peter Drucker he was more comfortable around Mark because he realized all these great ideas weren’t Mark’s alone … Mark didn’t make this one up either. ;-)

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  3. Systematic Career Documentation - Part 1 | Manager Tools

    This cast tells you how to create and use a Career Management Document as a key part of your career management system.

    We’ve often mentioned the need for everyone to have a Career Management Document, but we’ve never dedicated a whole cast to what it is, and how and when to use it. This cast sets out to rectify that.

    In essence the Career Management Document (or CMD) is where you keep your record of your career. It’s never seen by anyone but you, and it’s not your resume. Having a CMD is not enough though. We need to use it as part of an entire system of Career Documentation which results in an effective resume.

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  4. Interviews - The Introduction | Manager Tools

    Well, once again, we’re barely getting this out in time to call it an October cast.

    But, I think you’ll find it worth the wait.

    This month, Mark and I want to share a cast from our upcoming Interviewing techniques product.

    This particular cast is one out of 14 casts on Interviewing. In this cast, you’ll learn how to handle the crucial first five to ten minutes of any interview - Introductions.

    It is absolutely true that this is a critical part of the interview - first impressions are being formed, and I’d bet 75% of interviewers have a strong indication of how it’s going to go by the time this portion is done. That translates into our gut feeling that this is where 75% of technical interviewees fail. It’s THAT important.

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  5. What Is Your Current Situation? | Manager Tools

    This cast describes how to effectively answer the "What’s your current situation?" question from a recruiter.

    Whether you’ve posted your resume on a job board, or sent it to a recruiter, or called a recruiter proactively, you expect them to discuss vacancies with you.

    However, before they start talking specifics, there are four important questions they need to know the answers to.

    This series of casts, including the location cast which has already been published, will tell you what the questions are, and help you prepare your answers.

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  6. External Interviews and Careers - Chapter 1 | Manager Tools

    This cast describes the importance of external interviewing in career management, and how to begin to handle the interview.

    This cast started the same way our cast on internal interviews as a career management strategy did. Back then, we had gotten a question from a member who was being asked to interview for a particular job in his company. He called to ask what to do. He was wavering. Mark was STUNNED - OF COURSE you interview! It was one of those academic creep moments that we have pretty regularly.

    For the record, for those of you who don’t remember, we said: ALWAYS say yes, at least in part because saying NO is a significant career statement. And, you can yes to the interview and say NO to a forthcoming offer.

    In this cast’s case, Mark got a call from a competent and sharp engineer, who had been asked to interview at another company for a sales position. He wasn’t really sure about sales (no engineer ever seems to be, much to most of their unknown chagrin), and wondered too about the location. As Mark was walking him through the basics, he thought, hey, we haven’t done this cast yet; I’m such an idiot.


    This is Career OPPORTUNITY Management

    Don’t Worry About Changes In Specialty Or Industry As Much As You Think

    Be Quiet About It

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  7. Pre-Interview Prep Chapter 2 | Manager Tools

    This cast gives our guidance on what to prepare for your interview.

    Our interview series gives the most comprehensive guidance on how to interview. As we continue to build our audience, we receive questions which make us realize we left something out, or we weren’t specific enough.

    This cast is one of those which addresses an issue about which we realize we could have been more detailed. That is, what do you prepare for the interview? We don’t mean in the broad sense of preparing to discuss your experience, or how to answer the interviewer’s questions - that’s covered in the interview series. We mean in the sense of the few things you want to make sure are top of mind just before you go into the interview.

    In one of our casts we will describe what to do when you’re waiting in reception for the interviewer. We’ll recommend you have several 3 x 5 cards with the pertinent reminders on them so that you can review them while you wait. This cast gives the specifics of what needs to be on those cards.

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  8. mite

    In this Executive Insights podcast, Jim Burton of UCStrategies is joined by Jon Brinton, Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Cloud Division for Mitel.


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  9. Podcast: Robert Coram on John Boyd | The Art of Manliness

    Robert Coram, who wrote John Boyd’s biography, argues that the OODA Loop made Boyd "the most influential military thinker since Sun Tzu."

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