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  1. James Clear, Transform Your Habits (Episode #257)

    Habit-Change maestro James Clear knows about habits, the good, the bad, and how to change them for the better, every day.

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  2. Entrepreneur On Fire | James Clear: Transform Your Habits & Master Creativity

    James is an entrepreneur, weightlifter, and travel photographer in over 20 countries. He writes about how to build habits that stick and master your….

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  3. Changing your Identity to Change your Habits With James Clear

    In this interview we speak with James Clear about highly effective methods to create lasting habits


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  4. Instragram Marketing: Proven Strategies To Grow Your Instagram Account - Sue B. Zimmerman [SSM021]

    What strategies does it take to effectively grow your Instagram account?

    Today, there are more than 500 million people across the globe using Instagram to not only share photos of their lives, but to connect with personalities, brands, and businesses in meaningful ways.

    Now is a perfect time for marketers to learn the ins-and-outs of Instagram Marketing so that you can take advantage of an opportunity that is growing by the minute.

    In this episode, we had the pleasure of speaking with The Instagram Expert herself, Sue B. Zimmerman, about the proven, cutting-edge strategies marketers and businesses are using to grow their Instagram account. She has amassed more than 43,000 followers on Instagram and has taught countless brands and businesses the true art of Instagram Marketing.

    A huge thank you to Sue B. for jam-packing this episode with actionable wisdom and takeaways for social media managers and marketers looking to grow your Instagram account into a thriving marketing channel.

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  5. Full transcript: BuzzFeed Entertainment’s Ze Frank on Recode Media - Recode

    "The world of recipes had not been reinvented beyond a list of text and an image forever." BuzzFeed’s Tasty took on the challenge.

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  6. Steal Like an Entrepreneur, with Austin Kleon | Rainmaker.FM

    The other day I was listening to the “classic alternative” channel on SiriusXM. Message of Love by the Pretenders was on.

    In the song, Chrissie Hynde sings:

    “We are all of us in the gutter. But some of us are looking at the stars.”

    Wait a minute … didn’t Oscar Wilde say that in the late 1800s?

    Or how about when the late great Kurt Cobain sang:

    “Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they’re not after you.”

    That’s a line from the 1961 novel Catch-22 by Joseph Heller.

    Yes, musicians steal lyrics. Perhaps the most honest admission of this fact comes from Wilco on a track from Yankee Hotel Foxtrot:

    “There’s bourbon on the breath of the singer you love so much. He takes all his words from the books that you don’t read anyway.”

    Guess what? Your next idea could come from the books that your competitors don’t read. That’s one way entrepreneurs “steal” ideas, and it goes way beyond books.

    In this episode, you’ll discover how to increase your creativity the smart way. You’ll hear how entrepreneurs ranging from Henry Ford to Steve Jobs achieved immense innovation by borrowing ideas from others … and being quite candid about it.

    Listen in for my conversation with Austin Kleon, New York Times bestselling author of Steal Like and Artist and Show Your Work. Once you understand how “stealing” actually works, your next great idea will be ready for you to find.

    Note: This is replay of one of the most popular episodes from Unemployable Season Two. Enjoy!

    Listen to Unemployable with Brian Clark below …

    Steal Like an Entrepreneur, with Austin KleonBrian Clark




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    The Show Notes

    Steal Like an Artist

    Show Your Work

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  7. Growth Onion: Ep2: Zack Onisko, Head of Growth For Creative Market - Growth Onion

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  8. Brennan Dunn on Monetizing Your List (Even if You’re Not a Sleazy Internet Marketer) | Philip Morgan Consulting

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  9. 217: iOS Automation with Federico Viticci | Mac Power Users

    Federico Viticci of MacStories joins us to talk about the state of automation with the new enhancements of iOS8.

    Thanks to MPU listener

    Hay Oborn for assistance with the shownotes this week!

    Links for this episode:

    Federico Viticci (@viticci) | Twitter

    MacStories (@macstoriesnet) | Twitter


    Connected #2: The Pasta and The Pizza and The Sauce – Relay FM

    Virtual – Relay FM

    Callback (computer programming) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    App Store: Wdgts – A Collection of Awesome Notification Center Widgets

    OmniFocus – The Omni Group

    The workspace for your life’s work | Evernote

    App Store: Paste+ | Clipboard Action Widget

    App Store: Lifesum – Lifestyle tracker & Calorie Counter

    Weather Underground: Radar, Forecasts, Satellite Maps, Severe Alerts, Weather Photos on the App Store on iTunes

    Apple removes Launcher app from App Store for ‘misuse’ of iOS 8’s widget capability | 9to5Mac

    Clips: iOS 8 Clipboard Manager

    Dispatch: TextExpander-enabled Email App for iPhone

    Audiobooks Online Digital Audiobook Store

    Paste+ | Avanio Labs

    Agenda+ | Avanio Labs

    Forecast+ | Avanio Labs

    Philips previews Hue lights widget in Notification Center with iOS 8 | 9to5Mac

    Hue Lightbulbs

    Workflow — Powerful Automation Made Simple Philips Hue Products

    Hours for iOS 8 is here « Tapity

    About PCalc

    Instapaper Safari Extension

    1Password 5 for iOS how-to: Enable the extension for Safari and third-party apps | Agile Blog

    Share extensions in iOS 8: Explained | iMore

    Chrome for iOS 8 Gets Support for Third-Party App Extensions

    Python for iOS – A Python interpreter and development environment for the iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad


    Pinner for Pinboard on the App Store on iTunes

    Pinboard Resources

    Awesome Screenshot Captures Webpages As Screenshots with an iOS 8 Extension – MacStories

    App Store: Awesome Screenshot for Safari

    Skitch | Evernote

    PDF Converter by Readdle

    iBooks on the App Store on iTunes

    Smile Blog: TextExpander Snippet Expansion Comes to Every App in iOS 8

    SwiftKey – Smart prediction technology for easier mobile typing

    TextExpander: Mac Typing Shortcut Utility Saves You Time

    Workflow app may be the Automator of iOS – The Tech Heat

    Panic – Transmit – The ultimate Mac OS X FTP + SFTP + S3 app

    Documents by Readdle

    PDF Expert 5 by Readdle

    Drafts – Agile Tortoise

    Contrast | Launch Center Pro

    Contrast | Contact Center

    Please support our exclusive sponsor for this episode: Smile:With productivity boosters like the PDFpen Family and TextExpander, Smile makes you a Mac Power User.

    Podcast: Play in new window

    | Download (Duration: 1:43:05 — 47.5MB)

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  10. Introducing the New SEJ Podcast: Marketing Nerds | SEJ

    We are excited to announce and bring you a new Podcast brought to you by the team behind SEJ: Marketing Nerds. It will cover online marketing and much more.

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