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  1. Mac Power Users #519: Workflows with Greg Pierce - Relay FM

    Drafts developer Greg Pierce joins Stephen and David to talk about his move to an iMac, his development career and when it is time not to upgrade to a new device.


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  2. Mac Power Users #514: Apple is Listening — The 2019 Mac Pro, with Thomas Grove Carter - Relay FM

    David and Stephen interview Thomas Grove Carter, a video editor who has been using Final Cut Pro X on the 2019 Mac Pro with the Pro Display XDR.


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  3. How John Gruber, Raconteur, Uses OmniOutliner

    John Gruber, professional blogger and podcaster, has been using OmniOutliner for just about as long as it’s existed. His main use is for planning projects — for instance, he recently moved servers, which is something he’s rarely done, and he used OmniOutliner to keep track of the many details and things to check.


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  4. #178 – Chiang Mai SEO 2019 Recap: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

    Mark and Gael recap the great time they had at the Chiang Mai SEO Conference.



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  5. Get Paid to Answer Questions: How I Make $20,000 a Month Online

    Can you really get paid to answer questions? Debbie Gartner from TheFlooringGirl.com does — and her answers are earning her $20,000 a month.


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  6. The Next Journey with Cory Miller - Kim Doyal

    Cory Miller joined me on the podcast to talk about his journey in selling his company, where his path is taking him now, and why he’s so passionate about mental health.



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  7. Upgrade #271: The 16-inch MacBook Pro - Relay FM

    The butterfly keyboard era is over! Apple announces the new 16-inch MacBook Pro, featuring a new keyboard and a lot more. And Jason has an exclusive interview with the MacBook Pro product manager, Shruti Haldea.


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  8. Treating your personal life like a business | Not Overthinking

    In this episode we talk about a new theory of Taimur’s — that we should treat our personal lives more like businesses, and treat our businesses more personally. We explore two aspects of "business thinking" in particular — valuing time + comparing options in terms of ROI (return on investing), and thinking in terms of systems — and how to apply them in our lives. We try and figure out why it generally feels weird to have systems for personal things.


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  9. clicking here

    In this wide-ranging interview, AngelList CEO Naval Ravikant and Shane Parrish, talk about Reading, Happiness, Decision Making, Habits, and Mental Models.


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  10. Jim Collins: Keeping the Flywheel in Motion

    An earnest student and powerful teacher, mega best-selling author Jim Collins goes under the hood and shows what all enduring companies have in common. We talk luck, leadership, and business longevity.


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