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  1. Search Off the Record: Why is my site not indexed?

    Martin, John, and Gary discuss the potential reasons why your website or page is not indexed, both from a technical and quality perspective. Learn about the tools and reports available in Google Search Console to help determine why your website is not indexed.   Resources: Episode transcript →

    Search Off the Record is a podcast series that takes you behind the scenes of Google Search with the Search Relations team.



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  2. A Close-Up Look at Anybox and Spring

    Episode 305 — November 13, 2022A Close-Up Look at Anybox and Spring AppStories Episode 305 — A Close-Up Look at Anybox and Spring0:0039:22➞

    This week, Federico and John dig into two excellent apps they’ve been enjoying recently: Anybox, a bookmark and file organizer, and Spring, a third-party Twitter client.

    This episode is sponsored by:

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    Links and Show Notes

    Anybox and Spring


    Anybox website


    Keep It


    Anybox Raycast extension

    PopClip extension (download URL)




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  3. Episode 70, Metamuse podcast — Muse

    A command line and a GUI are two completely different ways to operate a computer—but quick launchers and command palettes have found a way to bring them together. Thomas is building Raycast, an extensible quick launcher for macOS. He joins Mark and Adam to discuss the evolution of launchers from Quicksilver to Spotlight to the Chrome address bar; reasons to embed web technologies into a native app; and how voice interfaces like Siri and Alexa fit into this story.


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  4. Paul Lemley on launching and successfully managing 50 niche sites - Niche Website Builders

    On this week’s episode of the Niche Website Builders podcast, James De Lacey dives straight into the discussion with Paul Lemley. Paul is a niche website builder and affiliate marketer, who is launching 10 websites every quarter until he expands his portfolio to include 50 new sites, on top of the 12-16 sites he already […]


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