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  1. Media Hacks #13 - Host: Mitch Joel

    013 - Media Hacks - Live From The Roger Smith Hotel - 07-12-2009

    Live from New York City, it’s Media Hacks #13. Recorded late one night last week at The Roger Smith Hotel, this episode if full of the latest news and views, including a very vocal Julien Smith (yes, that means that this show is not work safe). C.C. Chapman and I were simply room decor in this episode. Enjoy the conversation

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  2. Deborah Schultz - It’s the people, stupid!

    The most interesting problems on the web are social, not technical. Once the open, social stack moves into wide use, the real work is going to be on us to create ongoing experiences that inspire, inform, evolve. Avoid this talk if you want to hear about monetizing community, gaming the newest social site for a quick spike in your user numbers, or how to get a [insert cutting edge social platform] strategy for your brand. Instead, we’ll diagram (sentence-like) real examples of marketing and revising (reviving?) web products for connected consumers. Think of it as Mind Hacks for Web Marketers. We’ll show you how sites like Dogster, Etsy, Moo, Photojojo and others parlay initial passions into deep, sustained, active communities. People-powered thinking extends well beyond messaging. Instead, we’ll preach a connected style of marketing that addresses a range of operational areas, both coming & going. We’ll pay particular attention to what happens after launch, as we think an attentive to and fro is the intimate secret of success. Deborah Schultz is a thought leader and innovator on the impact and adoption of Internet technologies and the power of technology to connect society, culture and business. She speaks and consults on the cultural and economic impact of the Internet, and specifically where our social and technological networks overlap. She currently serves as Procter

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  3. SPOS #177 - A Marketing Thriller With J.C. Hutchins

    Welcome to episode #177 of Six Pixels Of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast. This is an important episode. It is not a standard episode of the Podcast, but something very different. This is a conversation with the thriller novelist, J.C. Hutchins. As Marketers, it's important to listen and learn from people like Hutchins. He's an individual who always wanted to be a published author and nothing was going to get in his way. So, after tons of rejection, he took Marketing matters into his own hands, embraced the online channel (specifically Social Media) and started building community, audience and interest in his words. The result has been nothing short of spectacular, and hearing Hutchins share his story will definitely get you thinking differently about what you do everyday to connect consumers to your products, services and brands. Enjoy the conversation…

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  4. SXSWi Panel: Gamechangers: Improvisation for Business in the Networked World

    As we move from the rigid, hierarchical organizations of the Industrial Age to the fluid, non-linear models of the Networked World, GameChangers have never been more important or essential. Whenever teamwork, creativity, flexibility and problem-solving skills are necessary for success, these players step up. They develop relationships that are good for business. They pay careful attention to details and at the same time have expansive worldviews. They are quick-on-their-feet, unflappable and in tune with their teammates, stakeholders and the marketplace. They are the top performers in any organization the best managers, the most resourceful employees, the culture-shapers. They play the game and make things happen. In short, GameChangers are masters of improvisation in business. Turn yourself and your brand into a GameChanger. All it takes is improvisation!

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