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  1. Aral Balkan — The Art of Emotional Design

    Most apps suck. Making an app that doesn’t suck is hard work and requires uncompromising focus. We call apps that don’t suck “usable”. However, in the Age of User Experience, making apps that are merely usable is no longer good enough.

    So how can you go beyond making usable apps to creating exceptional experiences that evoke powerful emotions in users?

    In this inspirational session, Aral will offer you an impassioned glimpse into his approach of authoring apps that people find joyful and fun; apps that people fall in love with.

    Delight, story, empathy, character, voice, beauty, fun, and play are just some of the topics that will be covered and illustrated with examples from Aral’s decade-​​long experience in authoring web, Flash, desktop, and mobile apps, including his latest top-​​selling iPhone app, Feathers.

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  2. Gaming Reality – Jane McGonigal

    Why doesn’t the real world work more like a game? In the best-designed games, our human experience is perfectly optimized: we have important work to do, we’re surrounded by potential allies, we get constant useful feedback, and we feel an insatiable curiosity about the world around us. That’s no accident — game developers have spent three decades figuring out how to make us happier, drive more collaboration, and satisfy our hunger for meaning and success. Isn’t it about time we started applying these insights to everything we do online? In this talk, game designer Jane McGonigal explains how to adopt game developer methods and mechanics to transform any networked community, service, experience or environment - in order to re-invent the real world as we know it.

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  3. Nodalities Podcast—Nigel Shadbolt talks about Web Science, the Semantic Web, Linked Data, and Garlik

    In my latest podcast I talk with Nigel Shadbolt, Professor of Artificial Intelligence at the University of Southampton. We discuss Nigel’s background in Artificial Intelligence, and the appeal of the Semantic Web, before turning to explore the introduction of Linked Data to an enterprise audience and the multidisciplinary focus required to carry the Web forward.

    During the conversation, we refer to the following resources;

    * Academic Institution Internal Structure Ontology (AIISO)
    * Advanced Knowledge Technologies Project
    * Cambridge Consultants
    * DBpedia
    * DSpace
    * Egg
    * Epistemics
    * ePrints
    * FirstDirect
    * Garlik
    * Wendy Hall, and our recent podcast
    * Mike Harris
    * Tom Ilube
    * Linked Data
    * Mosaic
    * QDOS
    * Scientific American, and its 2001 Semantic Web article
    * SPARQL
    * University of Edinburgh
    * University of Nottingham
    * University of Southampton
    * VoCamp
    * Web Science Research Initiative


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  4. Icon-o-cast: What Makes a Great Service?

    Connections - Feb. 19, 2009: What makes a great service? How can designers influence the experience customers have with grocery stores, airlines and car rental agencies? Jennifer Bove of Huge and Ben Fullerton of IDEO talk with Lunar’s Gretchen Anderson about service design.


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