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  1. By the Way 26: Henry Rollins

    Ultimate punk rocker Henry Rollins joins Jeff to discuss the important things in life such as taking baths, tearing up at weddings, and switching bodies. Henry explains how curiosity & traveling by himself quite often opens people up and has lead to him to eat rat in Southern India, walk the streets of Pakistan the day after the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, and become buddies with an animated tour guide in Vietnam. After knowing all the incredible things Henry has done in his travels, Jeff makes a proposition to him that he wants no part of.


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  2. The Indoor Kids 153: E3 Part 1 with Griffin McElroy

    As someone who used to be condescending about that sort of thing, apologies. I think it was a knee-jerk from people who are dismissive of games solely because of their length (and so are a little condescending that way). Also for me it’s less of a time thing and more of a personality thing, where a single game just can’t hold my interest that long. (The longest I’ve ever played a game is around 30 hours, and that was pushing it for me.) And so sometimes I get angry at things I don’t understand, like a caveman.

    I’ve since learned to accept that some people just play games differently than I do. I try and play as many different games as I can because that’s more interesting to me, but some people like to sink their teeth into one game for a really long time. I don’t get it, but I don’t have to. It’s just different.

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