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  1. Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History: Episode 17 - Judgment at Nineveh

    Will our modern society ever decline and fall? Dan uses that idea as a backdrop for a look at the first great empire in history, the biblical-era Assyrians. Were they ancient Nazis, or the guardians of civilization?

    In "Hardcore History" the very unconventional Dan Carlin takes his "Martian", outside-the-box way of thinking and applies it to the past. Was Alexander the Great as bad a person as Adolf Hitler? What would Apaches with modern weapons be like? Will our modern civilization ever fall like civilizations from past eras? This is a difficult-to-classify show that has a rather sharp edge. It’s not for everyone. But the innovative style and approach has made "Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History" a New Media hit. (http://www.dancarlin.com/disp.php/hh)

    Featured on episode 28 of Forgotten Classics


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