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  1. Late Night Linux Extra – Episode 19 – Late Night Linux

    Podcast (extra): Download (Duration: 25:46 — 21.3MB)Joe is joined by Sean Davis to discuss the his shift from Xfce develpment towards elementary OS, and then we find out that Félim has a lot more tech superstitions than he thought. There is some bad language in this episode.




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  2. Show Structure by I Should Start a Podcast | Anchor - The easiest way to start a podcast

    On today’s show, we talk about how to structure your show and come up with a great format.

    Podcasts on this episode:

    The Outline World Dispatch -

    Subnet -


    Stephen Hackett -

    James T. Green -

    Music by Brendon Bigley -

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  3. Frame of Reference ep.

    Frame of Reference is a critical reevaluation of what a tech podcast should be. Amit and Ben look for the unexplored angles and shadowy corners of the echo chamber, and you’re invited along as they try to claw their way out!

    The show was just submitted to iTunes, but while we’re waiting on Cupertino to give it a listen, you can subscribe here.

    Our pilot episode is also part one of our first series, focusing on App Rot. In this episode Amit and Ben weigh in with some contrary opinions about the plight of the independent iOS app developer, exploring the problem with confusing a product for a business, and a broader approach to design.

    00:15 It’s a little bit warmer down there.

    To warm up before recording this pilot episode, Amit and Ben chat a little bit about midwest weather, architecture, and retrofitting old-timey vacuum mail tubes as fiber optic conduits. Its going to be that kind of a show, apparently.

    08:36 Will the real indie iOS developers please stand up?

    Our first episode is also part one in our “App Rot” series, so a little bit of background reading should help put things into context:

    App Rot: Marco Arment

    A Candid Look At Unreads First Year: Jared Sinclair

    Who At The Table Is An Indie iOS Developer?: Brent Simmons

    15:36 Let me set the… frame of reference!

    Amit explores Jared Sinclair’s analysis of Unread’s financial performance and compares the numbers revealed with the clearly immense amount of care and thought invested in the design of the app itself.

    27:36 A lot of people today buy Macs just so they can run Xcode.

    Lack of a real go-to-market strategy is a big problem, and it is dangerous to compare people who bought software 10 or even 5 years ago to the conusumers who purchase apps today.

    41:16 A single product does not a company make.

    The larger problem faced by indie developers is in no way unique to the app store, or even to tech. .

    01:05:35 Design masturbation.

    Design isn’t everything. That is, unless you redefine design to be so broad as to include every aspect of your business.

    If you’re designing your businesses, you’ve got to address the fact that overserving the market is a big problem, and one that indicates a problem in the design process itself.

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