50 - Bruno Maçães on the Spirit of Adventure

Political scientist Bruno Maçães has built a career out of crossing the globe teaching, advising, writing, and talking to people. His recent book, borne out of a six-month journey across Eurasia, is one of Tyler’s favorites. 

So how does it feel to face Tyler’s rat-a-tat curiosity about your life’s work? For Bruno, the experience was "like you are a politician under attack and your portfolio is the whole of physical and metaphysical reality." 

Read on to discover how well Bruno defended that expansive portfolio, including what’s missing from liberalism, Obama’s conceptual foreign policy mistake, what economists are most wrong about, how to fall in love with Djibouti, stagnation in Europe, the diversity of Central Asia, Hitchcock’s perfect movie, China as an ever-growing global force, the book everyone under 25 should read, the creativity of Washington, D.C versus Silicon Valley, and more.

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