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  1. #141: Intellectual Exoskeletons — Andy Matuschak

    From language and writing to the Hindu-Arabic numeral system, computers and Adobe Photoshop, our species has a history of inventing tools for augmenting our own intelligence. But what comes next?

    Andy Matuschak is a developer and designer. He helped build iOS at Apple, founded and led Khan Academy's R&D

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  2. Agnes Callard on Meaning, the Human Quest, and the Aims of Education - Econlib

    Suppose all of humanity was infected by a virus that left us all infertile–no one will come along after us. How would you react to such a world? Agnes Callard of the University of Chicago says she would be filled with despair. But why does this seem worse than our own inevitable deaths? Callard speaks […]

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  3. No Plans to Merge | Leaves, a reckoning

    This week, the boys cover topics, and the leaves cover lawns. Those topics are: Next JS, the new webpacky thing, paying developers money, and lukewarm coffee. It's all there.

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  4. The Single Best Guide to Decarbonization I’ve Heard – The Ezra Klein Show – Podcast – Podtail

    In August, Joe Biden signed into law the Inflation Reduction Act, which included $392 billion towards a new climate budget — the single largest investment in emissions reduction in U.S. history. The C… – Listen to The Single Best Guide to Decarbonization I’ve Heard by The Ezra Klein Show instantly on your tablet, phone or browser - no downloads needed.

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