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  1. DX on DX with Abi Noda, founder and CEO of DX (Changelog Interviews #551) |> Changelog

    This week Adam is joined by Abi Noda, founder and CEO of DX to talk about DX AKA DevEx (or the long-form Developer Experience). Since the dawn of software development there has been this push to understand what makes software teams efficient, but more importantly what does it take to understand developer productivity? …

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  2. Vector databases (beyond the hype) with Prashanth Rao, senior AI and data engineer at the Royal Bank of Canada (Practical AI #234) |> Changelog

    There’s so much talk (and hype) these days about vector databases. We thought it would be timely and practical to have someone on the show that has been hands on with the various options and actually tried to build applications leveraging vector search. Prashanth Rao is a real practitioner that has spent and huge amoun…

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  3. So do we like Generics or not? with Roger Peppe & Bryan Boreham (Go Time #286) |> Changelog

    So, do we like generics or not? Some people feared they’d be the end of the language. Others were very hopeful, and had clear use cases, and were thrilled about the feature coming to the language. It was also often touted as the reason a lot of people didn’t adopt Go. So what do we think now? Mat and Kris are joined by…


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  4. #141: Intellectual Exoskeletons — Andy Matuschak

    From language and writing to the Hindu-Arabic numeral system, computers and Adobe Photoshop, our species has a history of inventing tools for augmenting our own intelligence. But what comes next?

    Andy Matuschak is a developer and designer. He helped build iOS at Apple, founded and led Khan Academy's R&D

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  5. Agnes Callard on Meaning, the Human Quest, and the Aims of Education - Econlib

    Suppose all of humanity was infected by a virus that left us all infertile–no one will come along after us. How would you react to such a world? Agnes Callard of the University of Chicago says she would be filled with despair. But why does this seem worse than our own inevitable deaths? Callard speaks […]

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  6. No Plans to Merge | Leaves, a reckoning

    This week, the boys cover topics, and the leaves cover lawns. Those topics are: Next JS, the new webpacky thing, paying developers money, and lukewarm coffee. It's all there.

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  7. The Single Best Guide to Decarbonization I’ve Heard – The Ezra Klein Show – Podcast – Podtail

    In August, Joe Biden signed into law the Inflation Reduction Act, which included $392 billion towards a new climate budget — the single largest investment in emissions reduction in U.S. history. The C… – Listen to The Single Best Guide to Decarbonization I’ve Heard by The Ezra Klein Show instantly on your tablet, phone or browser - no downloads needed.

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