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  1. The Non-Breaking Space Show | Interviews with the web’s best and brightest

    Our guest for this episode is Mat Marquis. Mat works at The Filament Group in Boston, a company that designs engaging sites and apps for mobile, tablet, and desktop platforms. He is a designer and a developer who occasionally works independently with big-time clients like The Boston Globe. Mat also regularly writes articles for the A List Apart blog.

    He is a member of the jQuery Mobile team, and also an active member of the open space community at movethewebforward. In addition, Mat chairs the Responsive Images Community Group.

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    Meagan Fisher, a web designer at MetaLab, joins Amanda, Dan and Scott as they chat about fear, awkwardness, public speaking, critique, and more. Meagan has collaborated with firms including SimpleBits and Happy Cog West and currently offices with her Studiomates in Brooklyn.

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  3. Stephanie Sullivan Rewis and Greg Rewis – What Designers Need to Know About HTML5 and CSS3 » UIE Brain Sparks

    The introduction of CSS3 and HTML5 brings with it a host of new capabilities. With most modern browsers supporting CSS3 and HTML5, implementing them into your designs is becoming easier. Understanding what is now possible with these new standards can help you create better designs more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

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  4. The Design View Show - Show #7

    Improving your career prospects requires more than the tips and tricks you’ll find in most website and magazine articles. This episode discusses 4 things you must do well in order to get more clients, better clients, and better projects.

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  5. The Design View Show

    For other crafts and in other industries, standards are used to preserve and refer to quality. Why not in Web craft? This episode examines the gulf between Web standards and the idea of Web craft quality, and how some of design’s cultural and information leaders perpetuate a misunderstanding of the medium.

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  6. Jon Tan | Language and the Lizard Brain - New Adventures In Web Design conferenc

    Deep in the recesses of the brain lies the most ancient of all our faculties: The Lizard brain; It’s a mysterious place of snap judgements and life-saving instincts. Design can reach it, but first let’s understand it, and maybe get to know ourselves and our audience along the way.

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  7. Dan Rubin: The New Language of Web Design at New Adventures In Web Design

    Our industry has aged into double digits, but much of the language we use to describe what we do and how things work is borrowed or repurposed, sometimes without issue, but often leading to confusion. Having a distinct set of terminology is an important sign of maturity for a line of work, those words and phrases to lead the next generation of practitioners — and it’s high time we set about creating it.

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  8. 80% Science, 20% Art

    Web typography is a toddler in the big bad world of competing displays, browsers and operating systems. Jon takes it by the hand, and discusses the science that comes before the art.

    It’ll be a celebration with lots of opportunity for questions and discourse. From exploring how fonts are rendered, to a quick refresher on typesetting and with a little history thrown in for good measure, it’s time to get your glyph on!

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  9. Andy Budd: Mastering web user experience

    Andy tells us the best practices to employ when building your site for your target audience. Also discover what it takes for your designs to stand out.

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  10. SitePoint Podcast #111: Responsive Web Design with Jeremy Keith

    Episode 111 of The SitePoint Podcast is now available! This week Louis Simoneau (@rssaddict) talks with Jeremy Keith (@adactio), a UK-based web designer and author of several books on web design. We talk about Jeremy’s views on Responsive Web Design, and how Jeremy feels this is creating an exciting time to be a web designer.

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