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  1. Audio tour - The Bristol Quayside Adventure

    Discover Bristol’s pirate past with a tour around the city’s ancient harbour. Discover Bristol’s famous people, places and buildings which are said to have inspired Robert Louis Stevenson to pen his classic tale Treasure Island.

    The Trail starts at the Merchant Venturers’ Almshouses at the bottom of King Street, in Bristol’s Old City area.

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  2. African-American Identity in the Age of Obama - The Takeaway

    In a new book, Professor Michael Eric Dyson explains how he described Barack Obama’s attitude toward African-American identity during the 2008 election. "[W]hat I’ve noticed is that he’s proud of his race, but that doesn’t capture the range of his identity. He’s rooted in, but not restricted by, his blackness." A new book, "Who’s Afraid of Post-Blackness?", examines that concept, and the complicated identity of the 40 million African-Americans in the U.S. today.

    The book’s author, TourĂ©, fiction writer, music critic, and correspondent for MSNBC, defines "post-blackness" and gives examples of it in modern America.


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