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  1. e-Learning Stuff » Blog Archive » e-Learning Stuff Podcast #087 : Are you a glue sniffing, magic mushroom addict?

    What is the current landscape of ebooks in education? What is the future of ebooks? Where are we going?

    With James Clay and Zak Mensah.

    This is the 87th e-Learning Stuff Podcast, Are you a glue sniffing, magic mushroom addict?

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  2. The Non-Breaking Space Show | Interviews with the web’s best and brightest

    Our guest for this episode is Mat Marquis. Mat works at The Filament Group in Boston, a company that designs engaging sites and apps for mobile, tablet, and desktop platforms. He is a designer and a developer who occasionally works independently with big-time clients like The Boston Globe. Mat also regularly writes articles for the A List Apart blog.

    He is a member of the jQuery Mobile team, and also an active member of the open space community at movethewebforward. In addition, Mat chairs the Responsive Images Community Group.

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  3. An Audioblogging Manifesto

    From 2005, when podcasting was called audioblogging AND the speaker says all URLS in full, now of course replaced with "see the show notes for links".


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  4. Stephanie Sullivan Rewis and Greg Rewis – What Designers Need to Know About HTML5 and CSS3 » UIE Brain Sparks

    The introduction of CSS3 and HTML5 brings with it a host of new capabilities. With most modern browsers supporting CSS3 and HTML5, implementing them into your designs is becoming easier. Understanding what is now possible with these new standards can help you create better designs more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

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  5. Dan Rubin – CSS3 for Everyone » UIE Brain Sparks

    Incorporating CSS3 into your designs allows you to create innovative designs with less code and reliance on images. The level of compatibility with many of the browser options out there is already impressive and it continues to grow. Taking advantage of the new CSS3 features helps to shift heavier visual elements to the browser itself.

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  6. Jonathan Snook and Steve Smith – Learning Experiences with Sidebar Creative » UIE Brain Sparks

    In this podcast, Jonathan Snook and Steve Smith join Jared Spool to discuss some of their best tips and techniques they learned from each other.

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  7. March’s audio podcast with Dario Franchitti | Motor Sport Magazine

    ell here we are, the March podcast! Dario Franchitti has not only won the IndyCar series three times and the Indianapolis 500 twice, but he is also a great podcast guest as we’re sure you’ll agree.

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  8. Ethan Marcotte – The How and Why of Responsive Web Design » UIE Brain Sparks

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  9. MacTalk Podcast at Webstock 2011 - Merlin Mann

    Webstock 2011 opened with an excellent workshop by the inimitable Merlin Mann, entitled: What’s (Maybe, Kinda, Sorta) Next for You? Steps Toward Futureproofing Your Passion.

    Merlin was kind enough to sit down with me after his presentation to chat about his many podcasts, Getting Things Done, Productivity MacGuffins, insanely good Mac software and Paul Hogan.

    I apologise for the rambling nature of this podcast. I was incredibly star struck by Merlin and his generosity of time and spirit caught me a little off guard. But it’s a wonderful experience to meet one of your idols and find out they’re as good a person as you’ve always hoped they’d be.


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  10. Userability # 14 – Growing in UX » UIE Brain Sparks

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