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  1. Hypemen Episode 29 ft. Elliott Wilson (Podcast Listen & Download) - Refined Hype

    EPISODE 29: Rap Radar Kingpin Elliott Wilson joins the Hype Men to discuss the new issue of RESPECT magazine + time spent with Rick Ross in Miami + "@ me or dap me" + Ego Trip + The Source Magazine + Elliott’s falling out with Puffy + the Chingy XXL cover + why Common’s Be got a XXL rating + Odd Future being Horrorcore + the Paul Rosenberg x Rap Radar connection + the Freshmen 10 + apologizing to Lupe Fiasco + much, much more!

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  2. Hypemen Episode 28 ft. Dave Segal (Podcast Listen & Download) - Refined Hype

    EPISODE 28: Comedian and Rappers Looking Like Magicians creator Dave Segal joins the Hype Men to discuss how we put him on, Odd Future, where “Show Me What You Got” ranks against Jay-Z songs, weed rap, Def Jux, The Adventures of Pluto Nash, Kid Cudi the actor and Shia Labeouf the director, Taboo of the Black Eyed Peas, which rapper could possibly be the best friend, and much more!

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  3. Podcasts - Evolving English

    Saul Williams, a legendary voice of hip hop, talks with two of the sharpest UK artists, Akala and Lowkey, about how words impact at street level.

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