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  1. Corporate Vs Creativity (why the Vs?) Posted on 05/10/2012 by Craig Taylor A little while ago, I engaged in a passing conversation in which the subjects of ‘corporate’ and ‘creativity’ were described as being some distance apart, this explanati

    Craig is joined by @zakmensah for the second in a series of podcasts in which Zak helps to make sense of the whole ebooks subject.

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  2. Craig Mod — How digital affects books and publishing


    We need to decouple the idea of ‘book’ from the mental image we carry around of ‘book.’ The innovation and benefit that digital brings to books and publishing lies less in how digital affects final artifacts, and more in how digital affects the systems leading up to and extending beyond those artifacts.

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  3. Using Calibre To Keep Your Digital Library In Order with Kovid Goyal – Episode 187 – Podcast.__init__

    Using Calibre To Keep Your Digital Library In Order (Interview)

    Digital books are convenient and useful ways to have easy access to large volumes of information. Unfortunately, keeping track of them all can be difficult as you gain more books from different sources. Keeping your reading device synchronized with the material that you want to read is also challenging. In this episode Kovid Goyal explains how he created the Calibre digital library manager to solve these problems for himself, how it grew to be the most popular application for organizing ebooks, and how it works under the covers. Calibre is an incredibly useful piece of software with a lot of hidden complexity and a great story behind it.


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