Inside a service manager’s head - Kit Collingwood-Richardson

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  1. The Science of Fiction: Games in Fiction, Fiction in Games (with Leonard Richardson)

    Leonard Richardson joins the show from across the Atlantic to talk about games as plot devices, generative content, storytelling, games which exploit the player, and dadaism. You may know Leonard as the creator of Robot Finds Kitten, the maintainer of Beautiful Soup and the author of Constellation Games, among his many other works.

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  2. This is Radio Cast with Jay Bakker: April Richardson on Finding Comedy and Morrissey

    In this week’s episode, Jay talks with April Richardson, one of the comedians behind Chelsea Lately and the new TruTV show Almost Genius. Last year, April did a comedy tour called "Louder Than Bombing," in which she followed Morrissey as he toured the US, doing stand up in every city he stopped in and going to all of his shows. Jay and April talk about living in Atlanta in the 90’s, why pastors are like comedians, and, of course, a lot about Morrissey.

    You can follow April on Twitter (@apey) and Instagram (aprilrich), both of which we would highly recommend.

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  3. Bring It In: Hormone Testing, Sha’Carri Richardson, and NCAA ‘NIL’ Partnerships

    Host Morgan Campbell is joined by Meghan McPeak and Dave Zirin to discuss the IOC’s ban of two Namibia runners, Sha’Carri Richardson’s positive cannabis test, and the first days of the NCAA’s name, image and likeness athlete partnerships.

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  4. Episode 370: Chris Richardson on Microservice Patterns : Software Engineering Radio

    Episode 370: Chris Richardson on Microservice Patterns

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    by SE-Radio

    on June 18, 2019


    Chris Richardson of and author of the book Microservice Patterns discuss microservice patterns which constitute a set of best practices and building-block solutions to problems inherent in building applications out of small coordinated services. Host Robert Blumen spoke with Richardson about the evolution of microservices, community adoption of best practices, patterns for inter-service communication (synchronous and asynchronous), async and high availability, the saga pattern and transactionality, transactional messaging, at most once delivery, and eventual consistency; the API gateway pattern and aggregation, latency and mobile devices, patterns for testing microservices, contract-driven testing, what does the Jenkins pipeline look like, production readiness patterns (log aggregation, metrics, distributed tracing), externalized configuration, and wrapped up with a few of Chris’s favorite anti-patterns.

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  5. UnSpun 068 - Clint Richardson & Jacob Duellman: “Red Pill Sunday School”

    Live at 5pm tonight on UnSpun #68, Clint Richardson joins us to discuss his new book, and Jacob Duellman returns to add to this fascinating discussion.

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