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  1. The New Guard (Part 2)

    In part 2 we’re almost ready for the opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge but dissent is making its way through the New Guard while Jack Lang’s success as Premier continues to haunt Eric Campbell.

    Around the world, fascists are gaining popularity. How far can Eric Campbell’s charisma take the New Guard?

    The Great Depression is in full swing and Sydney descends into brutal violence and political chaos that may take it to the brink or put it on the world map.

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  2. The New Guard (Part 1)

    It’s 1932 in Sydney: The Harbour Bridge is almost complete after nine years and the whole country continues to struggle with the economic disaster of the previous decade.

    But for well-heeled Sydney lawyer and ex-WWI officer Eric Campbell, the biggest peril of the Great Depression was not mass unemployment or starvation: It was NSW premier Jack Lang—aka the ALP’s “Red Wrecker”—and his dangerously socialist platform.

    As Sydney enters a long hot summer, Campbell starts to plot how he and the New Guard can take Jack Lang out of the picture for good.

    This is a tale of passion and politics in a time of global financial crisis. The rise and fall of Eric Campbell’s New Guard: the fascist army that gatecrashed the opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and plotted to overthrow the NSW premier in a military coup.

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