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  1. Choosing Wisely in Australia

    Choosing Wisely is an global project that aims to let consumers and doctors know about tests and procedures which add little or no value - and it’s an initiative that’s come to Australia.

    Their first report is about emergency departments - the gateway to hospitals, and some would say expensive versions of general practice for a significant percentage of their work.

    The Australasian College for Emergency Medicine has issued six things people should question in EDs and one of the people involved with gathering the evidence to support them was Associate Professor Sally McCarthy, immediate past president of the College.

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  2. Ockham’s Razor - Dementia: A tale of two organs

    There are two theories about dementia. One is that plaques, deposits which accumulate with age, affect the nerves. The other blames little leaks of blood from capillaries in the brain. Professor Jonathan Stone from the University of Sydney talks about the role of the heart in dementia.

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  3. The Body Sphere - Children and medical procedures

    Alex and Hamish are brothers, six years apart. Both have severe haemophilia.

    As a little boy Alex quickly became scared of hospitals, scared of needles, scared of treatment. His younger brother likes going to hospital and has no fear of the medical procedures he regularly undergoes.

    What made the difference?

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  4. Ockham’s Razor - Cystic fibrosis

    Not just about cystic fibrosis, but also about the possibility that carriers of a gene for some type of disease/syndrome might suffer some lesser effects of that syndrome, even if they don’t have the full blown problem itself. Starts slowly, become progressively more interesting, I thought.

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  5. Brain on Fire

    Journo goes schizo but eventually recovers.

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  6. Inside Health

    The health risks of anti-psychotic drugs - are psychiatrists doing enough? Breaking bad habits. And Jess Goodell the marine who got PTSD after retrieving bodies in Iraq

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  7. Diabetes research - Health Report - 24 May 2010

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  8. Art, science and schizophrenia - All In The Mind - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    Many heads are now coming together to improve the lives of those who experience schizophrenia. Join Lynne Malcolm for this public discussion on art, science and schizophrenia.

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  9. BBC - The Life Scientific - Sir Michael Marmot 01 Nov 11

    When Michael Marmot studied Whitehall civil servants he didn’t imagine that someone’s paygrade could predict how long they would live. His challenging results suggest that far from being tough at the top, its much tougher lower down the pecking order. What does this mean for a Britain with public service cuts and rising unemployment.

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  10. Sir Michael Marmot, epidemiologist - Sunday Profile - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    Richard Aedy talks to Sir Michael Marmot, the UK epidemiologist who proved that social status and power have a direct effect on human health.

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