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  1. How we die - Big Ideas

    What is a good death? The past two decades have seen more than sixteen state or federal attempts – and failures – to create a law in Australia that allows voluntary assisted death. Polls show support for such laws. But our elected representatives hesitate to act. The debate has become immovable and seemingly too hard. Andrew Denton understands that it is a difficult moral question, but is passionate that we need to have a humane and civilised option for our own death made available in Australia.

    This is the 2015 Di Gribble Argument at The Wheeler Centre.

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  2. Vital Signs: stories from intensive care - Life Matters - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    Dr Ken Hillman, an intensive care specialist, speaks to Richard about his work with the very ill or dying in hospitals.

    He’s the first doctor to have formally qualified as an intensive care specialist in Australia. He says death was once treated as a relatively normal and inevitable experience. It is now a highly medicalised ritual.

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