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Hello, I’m Ruben. When I grow up I’d like to be a writer. Yesterday I wanted to be a painter and perhaps tomorrow I’ll want to be a long distant cycling adventurer.

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  1. Ockham’s Razor - Cystic fibrosis

    Not just about cystic fibrosis, but also about the possibility that carriers of a gene for some type of disease/syndrome might suffer some lesser effects of that syndrome, even if they don’t have the full blown problem itself. Starts slowly, become progressively more interesting, I thought.

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  2. Getting the scientific message across

    When it comes to immunisation, climate change or the perceived negative effects of wind farms, people often form groups and reinforce irrational views. So why do the facts not penetrate? In politics it seems more often Captain Kirk is in control, rather than Mr Spock.

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  3. brown box

    You order some stuff on the Internet and it shows up three hours later. How could all the things that …

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  4. MyCreativity Sweatshop - Whatever Happens to Musicians, Happens to Everybody by Bruce Sterling

    Thursday 20 November 2014

    A lay-mendicant order of marginal conceptualists, the creative class varnishes the hand-basket to hell. Interns and oligarchs wrestle in the headlights of the juggernaut. Eternal prototypes, blown away like snow-drifts. If the ice is thin we might as well dance.

    Moderator: Sabine Niederer Speaker: Bruce Sterling

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  5. Trevor Paglen 30c3: Seeing The Secret State: Six Landscapes

    Although people around the world are becoming increasingly aware of the United States’ global geography of surveillance, covert action, and other secret programs, much of this landscape is invisible in our everyday lives.

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  6. The Invisible Committee Returns with “Fuck Off Google”

    Cybernetics, Anti-Terrorism, and the ongoing case against the Tarnac 10

    “There will be people who resist adopting and using technology, people who want nothing to do with virtual profiles, online data systems or smart phones. Yet a government might suspect that people who opt out completely have something to hide and thus are more likely to break laws, and as a counterterrorism measure, that government will build the kind of ‘hidden people’ registry we described earlier. If you don’t have any registered social-networking profiles or mobile subscriptions, and on-line references to you are unusually hard to find, you might be considered a candidate for such a registry. You might also be subjected to a strict set of new regulations that includes rigorous airport screening or even travel restrictions.”

    Video Streaming Portal des Chaos Computer Clubs

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  7. Music Weekly: Warp Records special | Music |

    We celebrate 20 years of the iconic Sheffield label with co-founder Steve Beckett, recent signing Hudson Mohawke and music from Aphex Twin, LFO and Boards of Canada

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  8. Brain on Fire

    Journo goes schizo but eventually recovers.

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  9. Missing maps

    We assume that Google maps covers every street and city, and that we can access them instantly on our smart phones.

    But much of the world has not been mapped - even within some of the world’s biggest cities.

    The lack of maps can seriously hamper the response when disaster strikes, so Medicins Sans Frontieres is launching a citizen mapping project called ‘Missing Maps.’


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  10. Everyday Economics: The sting in the HECS tail - Life Matters - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    Imagine this. Two students, both going to university at the same time, both charged the same fee and both graduating together, but one has a manageable debt - perhaps 50 or 60 thousand dollars - and the other ends up paying $100,000.

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