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  1. 4000hz: Forbidden City

    Berlin has a reputation of being a ‘raw city’, with many unfinished, edgy, exposed, gritty and industrial buildings scattered across its urban landscape. But how much of this reputation still holds today? Follow Wouter and Izzy aka Walrus and Otter in search of abandoned places! This is the first episode of their freshly made Berlinology Podcast, where the two curious explorers and belligerent Berlin ambassadors go deep down the Berlin rabbit hole and check out modern myths and research urban legends that are part of this ever changing city called Berlin.


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  2. To the Best of Our Knowledge: City Living

    Oh, city living. The crush of people, the crowd of buildings, the empty lots, the garbage-strewn slums. More than half of us will be living urban by 2050. How will we manage? An Urban Future; City as Organism?; Sustainable Urbanism?; City Rules; The State of Cities; Innovative Urbanites; Guide to the Urban Age; Seeing Cities.


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  3. Walking Through New York City’s Past - The Leonard Lopate Show - WNYC

    Author Justin Davidson discusses his new guide that explores the history and variety of New York City’s architectural landscape.

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  4. 99% Invisible #36: Super Bon Bonn

    Cities are pretty robust organisms, they tend to survive even when put under tremendous stress and strain. Local industries rise and fall, people immigrate and emigrate, but most of these changes happen over decades. What happens to a city when its purpose is stripped away virtually overnight? Bonn was the quiet, unlikely capital of West Germany and then the newly unified Germany for 50 years, and then the Cold War ended and the seat of government was moved back to its historic home of Berlin. Ten years after the move, Bonn is finding its new identity and purpose, but hidden clues in the urban landscape remind us of the city it used to be.

    Cyrus Farivar takes us on a tour of his neighborhood in what used to be the diplomatic quarter of Bonn with local historian and tour guide Michael Wenzel. Farivar is the science and technology editor at Deutsche Welle English and the author of The Internet of Elsewhere – about the history and effects of the Internet on different countries around the world.

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  5. Sounds of the City — The Documentary Podcast

    Peter White, who was born without sight, tours the world, navigating primarily with his ears. Where most travellers store up visual images of the places they visit, Peter takes his tape recorder and relies on everything except eyes to guide him. Peter’s latest spot of tourism takes him to Moscow, a city he describes as “satisfyingly noisy:”

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  6. Geoff Manaugh: A Burglar’s Guide to the City | Nine To Noon, 10:06 am on 15 April 2016 | Radio New Zealand

    Criminals have exploited urban infrastructure since cities were first created. Architectural writer and blogger, Geoff Manaugh has studied the criminal history of our cities, detailing some of the most audacious heists, break-ins and tunnel jobs in history. From the Hole in the Ground gang who tunnelled their way into Los Angeles banks and escaped via the sewers, to The Roofman, who hid in the ceilings of McDonald’s restaurants and would drop down when staff emptied the cash registers. Geoff Manaugh the author of the architectural site BLDGBLOG, and his new book, A Burglar’s Guide to the City looks at buildings through the eyes of those hoping to break into them.’s-guide-to-the-city

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  7. MP3 soundfile

    "Probably my [Sam Greenspan’s] favorite instance of tourism-as-storytelling is when Cheryl Wagner, a New Orleans-based writer reporting for This American Life, booked passage on a Hurricane Katrina disaster bus tour. In a really elegant twist, Wagner also gives her own tour of the city from her point of view as a local. Of course, her tour is out of the bus and on foot."

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  8. Audio tour - The Bristol Quayside Adventure

    Discover Bristol’s pirate past with a tour around the city’s ancient harbour. Discover Bristol’s famous people, places and buildings which are said to have inspired Robert Louis Stevenson to pen his classic tale Treasure Island.

    The Trail starts at the Merchant Venturers’ Almshouses at the bottom of King Street, in Bristol’s Old City area.

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  9. There’s a walrus in my fridge and it won’t shut up – Russell Davies – Next Berlin 2012

    Twittering plants? A plastic parrot informing you about traffic jams? In his keynote speech at NEXT Berlin 2012, Russell Davies humorously and cleverly illustrates his idea of what will be next: the network of things, which will irrevocably change the way we use technologies and the purposes we use it for. Davies’ post-digital world is a “making world” in which people use networked things to produce analog objects – personalised and on demand.

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  10. Belfast - Re-imagining the City 12 Mar 10

    When artist Bill Drummond discovered Belfast wasn’t twinned with anywhere he made a sign and put it up under the city’s welcome notice. It said ‘Belfast: Twinned with Your Wildest Dreams’. In this programme, Bill shares his vision of the city: his memories of glamorous 1930s cinemas with glittering curtains, of spontaneous creative happenings and a landscape where the smell of the mountain heather seeps down to the city centre. With a range of urban guides, Bill offers a tour of Belfast unlike any you’ve heard before.

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