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  1. martharotter / Martha

    Creating beautiful, digital publications with Publisher of Idea Magazine,a digital ma…

  2. lukeclancy / luke clancy

    im not at all sure why there is a union jack (of all things) stuck on my profile! im from Dublin, Ir…

  3. Andar / Andrew Rowley

    English chap living in Ireland with a passion for all things audio.

  4. kwh765 / Kieran Harford

    IT Professional, Ireland

  5. colinmanning / Colin Manning

    Lecturer in Computing at Cork Institute of Technology, Ireland

  6. streakmachine / Robert Falck

    I write an awful lot about tech in general, video games, and even some sci-fi that I haven’t publish…

  7. kennytran / kenny

    Love Tech Podcasts

  8. adactio / Jeremy Keith

    An Irish web developer living in Brighton, England working with Clearleft. I built Huffduffer.

  9. mgzne

  10. kevinmarks / Kevin Marks

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