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  1. Positive for Conkers

    Gavin Strange is lucky enough to be Senior Designer for Bristol’s Aardman Animations by day, and a jack of all trades, master of flip all by night, going under the alias of ‘JamFactory’. Let Gavin bend your ear to convince you to stop talking about stuff, and just go and do the stuff, irregardless of whether you have the skills to do so. If this berk can bumble his way through a career, then imagine what YOU can do!

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  2. Crafting the Message

    Local designer, Kyle Bean discusses how he is finding that the values of craft are often used by various brands to inject a sense of honesty and trust. He will discuss his own relationship with craft by talking through a selection of his recent personal projects and will explain his working process for creating hand made tactile images and installations for clients such as Selfridges, Wired and the Design Museum.

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  3. 2011 Turkish Grand Prix

    Terry and Kevin admit that sometimes getting what you wish for doesn’t leave the best taste in the mouth as in a fortnight they get to meet two Formula One drivers, see an exclusive screening of the Senna film, sit in a room with Jackie Stewart, be official F1 press and watch a race with lots of overtaking and yet feel a bit depressed about it all.

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  4. 2011 Australian Grand Prix

    Another F1 Podcast with their take on the 2011 Formula One Australian Grand Prix.

    The season has been delayed but it’s here at last.

    Karun Chandok has an embarrassing start to his Lotus career, DRS and KERS underwhelm, the tyres are sticky, Vettel has become precocious, Mark Webber has broken his stomach, Hamilton broke his car, Button broke the rules, Vitaly Petrov impressed and Nick Heidfeld takes part in a moving tribute.

    The BBC make Terry and Kevin’s job harder as the lack of Legard means less to criticise (aside from Eddie Jordan’s poetry) as they take you through the best and worst of the Australian Grand Prix 2011

    —Huffduffed by anotherf1podcast

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