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  1. Predication and Necessity

    Following on from the previous discussion of properties, Armstrong discusses whether or not particulars have their properties of necessity. Transcript here

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  2. Four disputes about properties

    Respected Australian philosopher D.M. Armstrong discusses universals, properties and trope theory. First, he discusses the trope theory of Donald Williams. Then he discusses the distinction between bundle theories of properties and substance-attribute theories, then moves on to discuss categorical properties and powers, before discussing the topic of contingent and necessary predication. Although it doesn’t look like Armstrong is radically changing his views from those which he expressed in either his "Opinionated Introduction" to the subject of universals or his lengthy discussion in "Universals and Scientific Realism", it certainly looks like an interesting discussion. Transcript at

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  3. In Defence of the Cognitivist theory of Perception

    D.M. Armstrong discusses the differences between cognitivist and non-cognitivist theories of perception and defends the former. See

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  4. The Scope and Limits of Human Knowledge

    "Where do we have knowledge and where do we fall short of knowledge?" asks the admired Australian philosopher D. M. Armstrong in his first 2004 Pufendorf-­föreläsningarna lecture.

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