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  1. STOP MAKING EXCUSES - Let’s Talk Goals and Mindset

    This one is on the longer side and more like a podcast, so if you have YouTube premium or need to set your phone off to the side, this can be something you can listen to and not miss anything. In this video, I talk about why many of you aren't where you want to be in terms of your athletic performance. I know I talk a lot about proper planning, recovery, periodization, etc. on this channel, and while all of those things are exceptionally important, none of them will get you where you want to be without a proper mindset and goals. I talk about the things that hold people back and how we often delude ourselves into thinking we are victims of circumstance and genetics. The truth is, most people leave out one very important word when they are evaluating themselves, and that is the word "YET." You might say, "I'm not very fast" or "I can't get through a race without getting dropped," or "I can't finish without stopping or taking a break." You need to understand that on a long enough timeline and with the right effort, you can add "yet" to the end of any of those sentences. Don't let the fears hold you back from dreaming big - fear of judgment by your peers, fear of not being quite sure of the path forward, or fear of just plain failure. Nothing is set in stone, life is a series of cycles and so are yo…

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  2. CyclingTips Podcast, Episode 9: Rethinking road bike tire sizes and pressures - CyclingTips

    Road cyclists have long taken as a given that, if you want to go fast, you need relatively narrow tires and high inflation pressures. That convention is being turned on its head, however, with a growing trend toward wider casings and lower pressures, even among top professional racers — and it’s all being backed by […]

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  3. I interviewed Poe about her favorite Youtubers, books, apps, and pass-times

    Every year, I record a short podcast with my daughter, Poesy. Originally, we'd just sing Christmas carols, but with Poesy being nearly 12, we've had a moratorium on singing. This year, I interviewed Poe about her favorite Youtubers, books, apps, and pass-times, as well as her feelings on data-retention (meh) and horses (love 'em). And…

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