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  1. Hundo 2019 Parts One & Two –

    ‪Hey hey. Parts One & Two of the annual #StromboHundo kick off. The 100 best songs of 2019! #welovemusic. ‬ The Strombo Show / House of Strombo

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  2. I interviewed Poe about her favorite Youtubers, books, apps, and pass-times

    Every year, I record a short podcast with my daughter, Poesy. Originally, we’d just sing Christmas carols, but with Poesy being nearly 12, we’ve had a moratorium on singing. This year, I interviewed Poe about her favorite Youtubers, books, apps, and pass-times, as well as her feelings on data-retention (meh) and horses (love ‘em). And…

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  3. Tasers are less reliable than their maker has claimed. The results can be deadly

    Original video:
    Downloaded by on Sat Dec 7 11:55:45 2019 Available for 30 days after download

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  4. December 01, 2019 - Harry Shearer

    Visit the post for more.

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  5. DYNASTIES #3 - The Fords

    The call themselves the Canadian Kennedys. And they’re one of the most famous political dynasties to ever exist in this country. But the rise of the Ford family has been marred by violence and self-destruction at almost every turn. The story of the Fords is tragic — for them, for everyone who falls into their orbit, and for the people of Toronto.

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  6. Upgrade #264: Beautiful Breakable Glass Objects - Relay FM

    We’ve got the new iPhones and it’s time for our first hands-on impressions. How has Apple improved the upgrade experience? Could the Apple Store pick-up experience use a little more attention? We break it all down.

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  7. Episode 46 | Malicious Life

    After its breach, Equifax’s CEO announced that Equifax will be defined by how it respondes to the crisis. Well, he was spot on, but not in a good way.

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  8. Episode 45 | Malicious Life

    In their 120 year history, all Equifax did was collect DATA. In 2017, that huge data repository, many times larger then the Library of Congress, got hacked.

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  9. Upgrade #253: Steal The Ball - Relay FM

    Guest Marco Arment joins Jason and Myke to discuss the possibility of new Apple laptop keyboards at last, his Overcast priorities over the next year, and the future of podcasting. Plus: Jony Ive cold takes, streaming-video wars, and cappuccino.

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  10. #270 The Most Expensive Thing Canada’s Ever Bought

    When Ottawa Citizen reporter David Pugliese called the government to follow up on a tip, he heard back from the PR arm of Irving Shipbuilding. And then the president of that company called, and threatened to sue him.

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