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  1. 5by5 | 5by5 Specials #3: The Best of 2011

    5by5 - 5by5 Specials #3: The Best of 2011

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  2. A Chat with Frank Chimero – Episode 24 « Creatiplicity

    Creatiplicity: The Podcast of Fusion Ads

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  3. Office Hours - Seth Godin

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  4. Ricky Gervais on Not Having a Real Job

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  5. MPU 046: Workflows with Merlin Mann II « Mac Power Users

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  6. MacTalk Podcast at Webstock 2011 – Merlin Mann

    Webstock 2011 opened with an excellent workshop by the inimitable Merlin Mann, entitled: What’s (Maybe, Kinda, Sorta) Next for You? Steps Toward Futureproofing Your Passion.

    Merlin was kind enough to sit down with me after his presentation to chat about his many podcasts, Getting Things Done, Productivity MacGuffins, insanely good Mac software and Paul Hogan.

    I apologise for the rambling nature of this podcast. I was incredibly star struck by Merlin and his generosity of time and spirit caught me a little off guard. But it’s a wonderful experience to meet one of your idols and find out they’re as good a person as you’ve always hoped they’d be.


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  7. Steve Krug on 10 Golden Rules

    Featuring an amazing conversation with Web Design Guru Steve Krug Author of Don’t Make Me Think, A Common Sense Guide to Web Usability, Best-Of Live from the Blog

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  8. Resolved: Stop Blaming the Pancake | 43 Folders

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  9. Aldous Huxley - On Language

    Huxley puts his amazing brain into tackling the subject of language. Always engaging….

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  10. Signal vs. Noise podcast: Hiring

    A discussion about hiring and applying for jobs. What’s the best way to find candidates? What makes for a good "help wanted" post/ad? What’s the key to a good cover letter? What happens in an interview with 37signals?

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