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  1. “Twelve Words” by Brian Trapp

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  2. Goodbye California?: The New Tech Worker Movement

    A recent wave of worker actions at major tech firms have challenged company contracts with the Pentagon, ICE, and other government agencies; organized for safe and equitable workplaces, free from sexual harassment and discrimination; and demanded better wages, benefits, and working conditions for both white and blue collar contractors.

    Scholar and a founding editor of Logic magazine Moira Weigel places these actions in context, drawing on several years of research and writing on the movement. She proposes that these actions point to the need for new frameworks for interpreting the culture or world view of the tech industry—frameworks beyond "The Californian Ideology" that has dominated since the 1990s. She shares several recently proposed alternatives for thinking about "tech work" (e.g. platform capitalism, surveillance capitalism, data colonialism) that members of tech worker organizations themselves have studied and drawn on.

    This talk is moderated by recent Berkman Klein Fellow, Yarden Katz.

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  3. The Dig - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Winning Power - Blubrry Podcasting

    AOC and then Ryan Grim on how movements won an historic working-class campaign.

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  4. How Modern Medicine Was Born Of Slavery | Georgia Public Broadcasting

    Modern gynecology was largely born in the antebellum South — because some of this country’s first gynecologists conducted experiments on enslaved women.

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  5. How Social Network Manipulation Tactics Are Impacting Amazon & Influencing Consumers

    Narrative manipulation issues - such as manufactured consensus, brigading, harassment, information laundering, fake accounts, news voids, and more - are increasingly well-documented problems affecting the entire social ecosystem.This has had negative consequences for information integrity, and for trust.

    In this talk Renee DiResta (Director of Research at New Knowledge, and Head of Policy at nonprofit Data for Democracy) examines the ways that these same manipulative tactics are being deployed on Amazon, which is now the dominant product search engine and a battlefield for economically and ideologically motivated actors.

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  6. Dividing Lines: Why Is Internet Access Still Considered a Luxury in America?

    The online world is no longer a distinct world. It is an extension of our social, economic, and political lives. Internet access, however, is still often considered a luxury good in the United States. Millions of Americans have been priced out of, or entirely excluded from, the reach of modern internet networks.

    Maria Smith, an affiliate of Berkman Klein and the Cyberlaw Clinic, created a four-part documentary series to highlight these stark divides in connectivity, from Appalachia to San Francisco, and to uncover the complex web of political and economic forces behind them.

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  7. The Accuracy, Fairness, and Limits of Predicting Recidivism

    Algorithms for predicting recidivism are commonly used to assess a criminal defendant’s likelihood of committing a crime. Proponents of these systems argue that big data and advanced machine learning make these analyses more accurate and less biased than humans.

    In this talk researcher Julia Dressel discusses a recent study demonstrating that the widely used commercial risk assessment software COMPAS is no more accurate or fair than predictions made by people with little or no criminal justice expertise.

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  8. CNI Podcast: Herbert Van De Sompel on the Decentralized Web

    Herbert Van de Sompel is a research scientist at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. During the 1-year sabbatical that he spent at DANS in The Netherlands, Herbert familiarized himself with the motivations, standards, and technologies associated with the Decentralized Web movement, especially those that leverage the HTTP protocol stack. During this exercise, Herbert has also explored whether and how these novel approaches could be used as a foundation for a global scholarly commons, and what a minimally viable platform could be.

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  9. New Frontiers In Peace Metrics: Conference Audio


    Steve Killelea, Founder and Executive Chairman, Institute for Economics & Peace

    Michelle Breslauer, Program Director for the Americas, Institute for Economics & Peace

    Melanie Greenberg (Moderator), President & CEO, Alliance for Peacebuilding

    Richard Ponzio (Moderator), Director, Just Security 2020 Program at Stimson and Co-Chair, UNA-NCA Peace & Security Committee The new SDG16 Progress Report focuses on methodology and challenges around measuring Sustainable Development Goal #16 (Promoting peaceful and inclusive societies for stainable development, provide access to justice for all, and build effective, accountable, and inclusive institutions at all levels) from the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

    The report is unique in that it begins to measure countries’ actual performance and progress against the 12 targets of SDG16. While SDG16 heralds important international recognition of how violence and conflict can compromise development, the report highlights methodological issues, political challenges, and implementation concerns around data collection and statistical capacity that - if not addressed - could undermine the achievement of SDG16.

    Having a clear understanding of available country-level data is integral to developing…

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  10. Electronic Wireless Show Ep 30 - Should survival games die?

    The answer is no, by the way. But there are so many examples of bad survival games that it’s important to remember the good ones. Adam wraps himself up in the Long Dark, while Matt gets sea sickness from Subnautica. But it’s not all barbequed pork chop and pointy sticks. Brendan is enjoying card game roguelike Slay the Spire. Adam is climbing a mountain in tough platformer Celeste, and Matt is second guessing the intentions of the cyberpunk heroes of The Red Strings Club.

    And, bonus: We’ve also got Quickfire Questions with Charlie Cleveland of Subnautica developers Unknown Worlds Entertainment.


    The Long Dark is survival at its brutal best:

    Subnautica review:

    The Forest is beautiful and terrifying:

    Zelda’s hardcore survival island:

    Dying Light: The Following review:

    Have you played… I Am Alive?

    The Solus Project early access review:

    The deadly creatures of Rain World:

    The Long Dark’s story mode wasn’t great:

    Project Zomboid devs talk zombies with Dean Hall:

    This is Dead State:

    And this is State of Decay:

    Frostpunk asks why we survive:

    Have you played… UnReal World?

    Pour cyberpunk drinks in The Red Strings Club:

    9 minutes of mountain climbing in Celeste:

    Slay the Spire made Adam love deck building:

    It also has a goblin who runs a gameshow:

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