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  1. TS&TT: William Wolfe | The Need For Public Theology And The Abuse of Romans 13

    Today on The Sword and The Trowel, Tom Ascol and Graham Gunden talk with William Wolfe, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense at the Pentagon and Director of Legislative Affairs at the Department of State in Washington, D.C. They discuss the need for theology in the public square and how Christians should engage with government.

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  2. A Generous Complementarianism (Ep. 44) | Knowing Faith Podcast

    On this episode of Knowing Faith, we talk about something that’s been getting a lot of buzz: complementarianism. What does it mean and how can we practice this well within the church?

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  3. Michael Horton - “Great Commission and Social Justice” (youtube)


    "Paul was obsessed with the gospel — and with getting it to the Gentiles, which is why he was so ambitious to make it all the way to Rome before he died. However, there is something else with which he seemed almost obsessed, something that I’d missed for many years while reading his epistles. It was a collection from all of the mostly Gentile churches to take back to the struggling believers in Jerusalem. We can easily miss this repeated reference along with all of the incidental greetings and instructions to particular people at the end of his epistles, but it was heavy on Paul’s heart. And as we will see, it was inextricably linked to (though not identical with) his ministry of the gospel."

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