Expansion May Be On Tap For Craft Beer Maker

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  1. PODCASTS: BSN Denver Sports Desk 9/23/15

    Joshua Dover

    Josh Dover has been working in radio & television in the Denver Market for years & is a credentialed media member covering the Broncos, Nuggets, Rockies, Avalanche & Rapids for multiple media outlets. Josh has hosted radio shows at Mile High Sports Radio, & 104.3 The Fan and has

    written/produced an online television show at the Denver Post.


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  2. The Incomparable | Tastes Like College (Episode 322)

    We’ve done episodes where we’ve sat around and drunk beer before, but we always had the thin veneer of some other topic to guide us. This time, however, the topic of the episode is beer, and we’ve conscripted listener (and Almanac Beer co-founder) Jesse Friedman to select five different beers for us to imbibe and discuss. Is Jason a monster for liking dark beer? What will our panel think of the sour and bitter choices? What’s the difference between a lager and an ale? What makes dark beer dark? Jesse has the knowledge, and we let him share it while we drink the beer he bought us.


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  3. 99% Invisible

    The Best Beer in the World — If you’re a beer nerd, or have a friend who’s a beer nerd, you’ve heard of Belgian beers. Belgians take beer very seriously. Amongst the 200 Belgian breweries, there’s a very specific sub-type: Trappist beers.


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  4. Adam Carolla Talks to the Beer Guys About Endless Rant IPA | Beer Guys Radio

    The Beer Guys talk to comedian and podcaster Adam Carolla about his new collaboration with King Harbor Brewing, Endless Rant IPA


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