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  1. The Bitcoin Group #149 - “Satoshi” Speaks - Alphabay Down - $50M Fund - $55,000 Bitcoin

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    Tone Vays ( Kyle Torpey ( Blake Anderson ( and Thomas Hunt (

    THIS WEEK: ——————————————

    Craig Wright Speech Full (starts at 2:28:38)

    Today in Bitcoin (2017-07-04) - Excerpts from Craig Wright’s Speech

    Voorhees: Bitcoin Will Probably Be Replaced If Scaling Resolution Not Found This Summer

    Alphabay is currently down

    AlphaBay, Biggest Online Drug Bazaar, Goes Dark, and Questions Swirl

    Former Bain Manager Launches $50 Million Bitcoin and Ethereum Fund

    First major Wall Street strategist weighs in on bitcoin, sees it worth as much as $55,000

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  2. Philip Wadler: Church’s Coincidences

    Philip Wadler, Professor of Theoretical Computer Science at the University of Edinburgh, contends that the foundations of computing lay in a coincidence: Church’s lambda calculus (1933), Herbrand and Godel’s recursive functions (1934), and Turing’s machines (1935) all defined the same model of computation.

    He gave this lecture on the occasion of Princeton University’s centennial celebration of Alan Turing. Learn more at


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