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  1. radio free python - episode 1

    Includes a panel discussion with the PythonLabs team:Barry Warsaw

    Fred Drake

    Guido van Rossum

    Roger Masse

    and Tim Peters as the "Timbot"

    Links mentioned in the podcast:Barry Warsaw works at Canonical.

    Fred Drake works at Zope, formerly Digital Creations.

    Guido van Rossum works at Google on Google App Engine.

    Roger Masse works at CNRI on DurusWorks.

    Tim Peters works as an independent stock market investor.

    Special thanks to:Dan Weatherford for the CSS help

    Steve Grimm for hosting the site

    Michael Foord for news suggestions

    Barry Warsaw for suggesting (and hosting) the panel discussion

    From left to right: Fred Drake, Roger Masse, Tim Peters, Barry Warsaw, Guido van Rossum.

    Radio Free Python is Copyright 2011 by Larry Hastings.

    Python® is a registered trademark of the Python Software Foundation.

    Radio Free Python is not associated with the Python Software Foundation.

    We’re big fans, though!

    —Huffduffed by tmc