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  1. #145: 10+ Years of Rails with DHH - The Changelog

    Our guest this week is David Heinemeier Hansson, aka DHH. He joins us to talk through the past, present, and future of Ruby on Rails — the most beloved web application framework in the Ruby community.

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    Ruby on Rails has influenced many frameworks over the years, and David shares with us a candid look at 10+ Years of Ruby on Rails.

    David shares stories about why he started Ruby on Rails, and explains why programmers should market their projects. He discussed his early work on Rails, some of the early early contributors to Rails, how the success of Basecamp helped Rails succeed (and vice versa), the io.js & Node.js complications, his thoughts on getting paid for working on open source, and so much more.

    9:42 – “If programming is going to be the thing I spend my time on, it damn well better be awesome. I need to have a good time.” – DHH 9:42

    Show notes:

    David Heinemeier Hansson (DHH) on Twitter

    David Heinemeier Hansson (DHH) on GitHub

    About David Heinemeier Hansson

    Ruby on Rails

    The ORIGINAL Ruby on Rails demo — Building a blog in 15 minutes with DHH

    REMOTE: The new book from 37signals

    REWORK: The new business book from 37signals.

    The Hottest Hacker on Earth | Flickr – Photo Sharing!



    Riding Rails: Rails 1.0: Party like it’s one oh oh!

    Riding Rails: Rails 2.0: It’s done!

    Riding Rails: Rails 3.0: It’s ready!

    Riding Rails: Rails 4.0: Final version released!

    The Road to Merb 1.0 with Ezra Zygmuntowicz

    DHH on Twitter: “More than 3800 people have contributed code to the core Rails framework”

    DHH on Twitter: “@codesoda @steveklabnik I’d rather you spend the $$ on having your people contribute to Rails on company time, if you want.”

    DHH on Twitter: “Rails is obligation-free software. See the MIT license. You can use it to make a trillion billion and not owe anyone royalties.”

    DHH on Twitter: “Flip side: Do not contribute patches to Rails under the false notion that users of the framework will then be indebted to reward you.”

    DHH on Twitter: “You don’t owe me anything to use Rails, and I don’t owe you anything for you using it.”

    DHH on Twitter: “@steveklabnik What’s your time horizon of sustainability? Rails has been rocking that model for 10+ years.”

    DHH on Twitter: “Congratulations to @shopify for deploying on Rails 4.1. Same app has been on Rails since 2005. 10 yrs later they’re an Ecommerce powerhouse.”

    DHH on Twitter: “Rails 5 will target Ruby 2.2+ exclusively, so we can rely on symbol GC and kwargs to cleanup a bunch of cruft. Ruby on Rails keeps moving!”

    DHH on Twitter: “After all these years, programming Ruby through TextMate to make Rails dance for the web remains one of my favorite activities in the world.”

    Ruby on Rails on Twitter: “2014 has seen 708 contributors get their patches accepted into Rails: — what a spectacular community effort!”

    DHH on Twitter: “@thomasfuchs @thijs Github is on 3.0 now. On the way to 4.x. 2.3 is five years old! Rails has lived as long again as it had at the time.”

    DHH on Twitter: “The original reality-compressed 15 minute Rails demo — including WUPS!”

    DHH on Twitter: “@gordo24 I think Rails has never been in a better position regarding code, community, and leadership. Broader and more engaged than ever.”

    DHH on Twitter: “Staggering collaborative effort on Rails. Almost 12,000 pull requests processed. Just 419 still open. Incredible. ????”

    DHH on Twitter: “Hard to comprehend how far Ruby and Rails have come since 2004 where I attended a 40-person RubyConf with just a few doing paid Ruby.”

    [Book] Punished by Rewards – by Alfie Kohn

    [Hero] Ward Cunningham

    [Hero] Dave Thomas

    [Hero] Martin Fowler


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  2. The Reboot Podcast – AVC

    A few weeks ago Jerry Colonna and I got on Skype and had a 40min chat about startups and what goes on in them. As most of you know, Jerry and I started a venture capital business together in the mid 90s and have been close friends since then. So this is a public conversation between friends, which is usually a recipe for a good discussion.

    The first five minutes is some stuff about Jerry’s new business, It’s worth listening to, but if you want to skip it, click on the soundwave at 5mins in and you will get to the start of our conversation.

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  3. Appitalize On Your Idea: The Podcast » Blog Archive » Episode 26 - Micah Baldwin - Light Your Money On Fire!

    I’m so excited to bring on my mentor, Micah Baldwin on today’s episode of Appitalize On Your Idea podcast.

    I wanted to bring Micah on to discuss something I have been asked a lot about.

    "How do I raise money for my company?"

    As someone who has only bootstrapped my ideas, I have never been able to give the right advice about it.

    Micah, who is a multi-successful entrepreneur who has raised money on many occasions.

    Micah talks about the things investors look for.

    This includes understanding the market, making sure the team is smart and operate inside the market.

    The last item is the product.

    Note how the product is the last thing an investor looks at.

    Knowing and understanding the market and the team are more important for investors.

    My thanks to Micah for taking the time to talk about this topic.

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  4. A16z Podcast: Virtual Reality vs. Augmented Reality, and What’s Next | Andreessen Horowitz

    Virtual reality (VR) — and augmented reality (AR) — seem to be everywhere these days, showing up in demos and offerings from the world’s biggest gadget makers to the Hollywood, gaming, and media crowds. a16z general partner Chris Dixon (who led our investment in Oculus Rift and recently wrote about VR) is joined by Peter Rubin (entertainment editor at Wired who has long covered VR, AR, and gaming) for a dive into this space.

    What’s the difference between VR and AR? Is one better suited for work vs. play? What’s coming sooner and what still needs to happen to get there? The duo share their thoughts on these questions as well as what happens when you are building experiences — and an entirely new visual grammar — from scratch. Will we actually need standards next?

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