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  1. Readlys nya vd: “Jag får inte pengar i all evighet” | Sveriges Tidskrifter

    Tidskriftspodden är en intervjupodcast som erbjuder aktuella och nyttiga inblickar från tidskriftsvärlden. Podcasten riktar sig till Sveriges Tidskrifters medlemmar, nyckelpersoner i tidskriftsvärlden och mediebranschen i stort. Tanken är att lyssnaren ska få en initierad inblick i olika branschfrågor och personliga erfarenheter från gästerna.

    — Gilla Sveriges Tidskrifter på Facebook om du vill du veta mer om oss och få koll på kommande avsnitt.

    – Tyck till om podden! Maila

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  2. Hitler Was ‘Blitzed’ on Cocaine And Opiates During The War, Author Says : Shots - Health News : NPR

    Author Norman Ohler says that Adolf Hitler's drug abuse increased "significantly" from the fall of 1941 until winter of 1944: "Hitler needed those highs to substitute [for] his natural charisma."

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  3. OS ep 44 – Ted Hand – Philip K Dick and the Western Esoteric Tradition | Occult Sentinel Podcast

    OS ep 44 - Ted Hand - Philip K Dick and the Western Esoteric Tradition [ 1:18:36 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

    Ted was a past guest on episode 38 and in this episode we discussed the Western Esoteric Tradition and it’s impact to the world view of Philip K Dick. We discuss Umberto Eco, the various Alchemies of the Renaissance, Neo-Platonism, Initiation, and much more.

    Ted Hand is a scholar doing research work on Philip K Dick and is also doing academic work on Renaissance Magic. His current academic work mostly focuses on texts from the 16th century, focusing on “Christian Cabala” between Pico della Mirandola and Giordano Bruno.

    By Joseph Moore



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  4. OS ep 38 – Ted Hand – Entering the World of Philip K. Dick | Occult Sentinel Podcast

    OS ep 38 - Ted Hand - Entering the World of Philip K Dick [ 4:49 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

    Ted Hand joins us to discuss his work that looks at Philip K Dick as an esoteric system builder who calls on the esoterica of Bruno, The Dead Sea Scrolls, Robert Anton Wilson, the McKenna brothers, and many other sources. Ted suggests many interesting possibilities within PKD’s work, and their possible sources. Listen, leave a comment, and check out Ted’s other work.


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  5. ‘The Challenge Is Understanding What People Actually Need’ - Business Lessons from an iOS Consultant - Breaking Biz

    October 24, 2016 by fredwp

    How does it feel to continuously launch new business ideas and see them fail? Not great, of course, but this interviewee demonstrates the value of putting in that extra bit of work called research. Researching your audience ahead of a launch is one of the most important things you can do, yet so many people decide to skip it, preferring instead to assume that people are ready to buy what they’re selling. has been a freelance iOS developer for 10 years, and now makes a full time living helping iOS beginners to understand how the platform works and how they can make apps for themselves. In fact, Matteo had tried releasing his own apps in the past, with a simple mission statement:

    ‘If we only get 1% of the market, we’re going to make a lot of money’

    The problem was, he didn’t understand just how hard it was to get even 1% of the market, let alone the fact that the Apple app store is not a marketing platform, merely a distribution platform.

    So what did he do?

    He spent a month online simply researching, scrolling through comments, Amazon reviews, Reddit threads in order to understand what problem he could actually help to solve.

    ‘The challenge is understanding what people actually need.’

    ‘It’s not easy, it’s not fast and it’s boring.’

    Matteo continued by writing long and detailed articles for his blog, emailing his subscribers and asking them questions. This process took another four months.

    We also discuss the art and science of using landing pages, copywriting and the most naive mistake he made in business. Enjoy!

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  6. TMO Background Mode: Interview With Flexibits Founder Michael Simmons - Background Mode Podcast - The Mac Observer

    Michael Simmons is the founder of Flexibits, famous for the award winning Fantastical apps for Mac and iOS. In his youth, Michael got his start as a fan of video games on the Commodore 64 and the Amiga. He was intrigued by what was different, better, surprising and delightful. In college, it was communication and film school, and he became interested in something closely related: story telling. That resulted in his first job in the video game industry. After that, there was a series of programming jobs culminating in his authorship of Data Rescue at ProSoft. His acquired expertise eventually resulted in the founding of Flexibits some 20 years after it all began. It's a classic case of inspiration and talent leading to starting his own software company. Michael, a great speaker, tells how it all happened.

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  7. 142: Birds and Bones with Rich Siegel

    Rich Siegel talks with Brett about the origins of BBEdit (going back to

    1989), marrying into birds, and the equal importance of engineering and art

    in your work.

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  8. TD Dawn Patrol - 014 - It’s 2015 and We’re Still Talking about Email

    Gabe, Erik, and Potatowire talk about bringing their mobile email workflow into the 21st century. Along the way, they discuss circumventing ancient work browsers with portable Firefox and Chrome, collaborative TaskPaper workflows, Erik's Sunrise, Evernote, Todoist, and CloudMagic combination, using enterprise Exchange servers with your iPhone, mobile email search, sorting email vs searching through the big bucket, FastMail on, filtering email notifications, and how old everyone is now.

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