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  1. ‎Odd Lots: What Happens Now to All the Laid Off Tech Workers? on Apple Podcasts

    The US labor market looks rock solid. The unemployment rate is at its lowest level in 50 years, while layoffs continue to trend downward. But there's one glaring exception and that's the tech industry. Nearly every major tech company has announced layoffs in the last few months, which is exactly the…

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  2. ‎Odd Lots: Why Corporate America Still Runs on Ancient Software That Breaks on Apple Podcasts

    Southwest Airlines had a disastrous holiday season, thanks in part to a software bug that left crews out of place and grounded thousands of flights. But Southwest isn't alone in having software in the headlines lately. The New York Stock Exchange recently had a software error that caused weird prici…

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  3. gRPC & protocol buffers with Akshay Shah (Go Time #256) |> Changelog

    On a previous episode of Go Time we discussed binary bloat, and how the Go protocol buffer implementation is a big offender. In this episode we dive into the history of protocol buffers and gRPC, then we discuss how the protocol and the implementation can vary and lead to things like binary bloat.

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  4. Eugene Mirman: Good Grief - Parenting is a Joke | iHeart

    Eugene Mirman and Ophira discuss grief and how kids can help navigate hard conversations thanks to their curiosity and short attention spans. They also talk about Eugene's 2.1 high school GPA and his not-so-anonymous experience at the sperm bank.See for privacy information.

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