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  1. One-on-One With Elizabeth Warren — The Argument — Overcast

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  2. Nadler’s Requests & The Youngest Contender (with Pete Buttigieg) – CAFE

    Pete Buttigieg is the Mayor of South Bend, Indiana, and a possible candidate for president in 2020. A Rhodes Scholar and U.S. Navy Reserve veteran, Buttigieg was elected at age of 29. He’s the auth…

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  3. Watch Sesame Street’s long-lost “Cracks,” resurfaced by internet sleuths (VIDEO).

    Still from “Cracks.”

    When Jon Armond was about six years old, he was traumatized by something he saw on Sesame Street. It happened sometime in the mid-1970s: He was watching the show in his living room, surrounded by bad wallpaper and shag carpeting, and in between segments with Mr. Hooper and Cookie Monster, a bizarre cartoon suddenly appeared. Jon remembers it starting with a little girl lying in her bedroom. A crack in her wall morphs into the shapes of different animals: a camel, a hen, a monkey. She then encounters “the crack monster,” a splintery crack that resembles a snarling face.


    “It was terrifying that somebody’s wall came to life,” recalls Armond, a voiceover actor in Los Angeles. “And I remember in my own bedroom I had wallpaper, but some of that wallpaper was a little old, and it was coming off in some spots, and I just knew that one of these days, something was going to be behind there and it was going to get me.”

    Armond was haunted by the video for decades. He mentioned it to other Gen X’ers who’d been brought up watching Sesame Street, but no one else seemed to remember it. Did the the video even exist, or was his memory just playing tricks on him? Finally, after decades of looking, in the earlier days of the internet, he found Jennifer Bourne, a cartoonist who also grew up fearing the crack monster. She began poking around on Muppet-themed message boards and Snopes, and, little by little, an odd congregation of people started to form online, a virtual support group for people who were terrorized by the clip. People wrote in from California all the way to the United Kingdom.

    “This is so strange I thought I was alone in how this little cartoon freaked me out.”“I had a horrible reoccurring nightmares based on it the whole time.”“Seriously I’ve been looking for this clip forever because it scared me so much as a kid.”“I am so very relieved to see that it either really existed or that we all have some kind of mass psychosis.””If anybody finds it, post post post!”

    But they still couldn’t find the video itself, and Children’s Television Workshop, which produces Sesame Street, was of no help at the time. Still, after making inquiries, Armond eventually got a fax from an unknown, untraceable number promising to send him the copy of “Cracks,” as long as he agreed never to screen it in public, post it online, or send it to anyone else. Armond signed the agreement, and six months passed before he found a manila envelope in his mailbox with a DVD inside. The note read: “We trust this completes your search.” There was no return address, no postmark, and no postage.


    He showed the tape to Bourne in 2009, and he was inundated by requests to make it public. One of the requests came all the way from Australia, where Daniel Wilson, the founder of the Lost Media Wiki, a website dedicated to tracking down elusive material, had been trying to get a copy for years. Armond declined to share his version. “I don’t know how long the statute of limitations is on that thing I signed, but I don’t want to take any chances,” he said.

    Then, without warning, in December 2013, Wilson received an anonymous email. No message, just an attachment. It was “Cracks.”

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  4. Mac Power Users #466: John Gruber Returns - Relay FM

    John Gruber of Daring Fireball and The Talk Show join David and Stephen for a discussion about writing and podcasting, as well as WWDC and what the future may hold for the iPad and Mac.

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  5. “You Can Go In Now If You Want” (w/ Natalie Walker) | Las Culturistas with Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang

    Matt & Bowen welcome guest and fellow culturista Natalie Walker to the studio!

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  6. JRE #1214 - Lawrence Lessig

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  7. 187: The Mac, with Apple’s Tom Boger — Vector with Rene Ritchie — Overcast

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  8. It’s New Orleans: Happy Hour-Madonna, The Wusband, & School of Rock-10/10/2018

    Happy Hour-Madonna, The Wusband, & School of Rock-10/10/2018-One of the great things about New Orleans is, you never know who might be standing in line with you at the supermarket, or sitting next to you at the bar. A perfectly normal, unassuming person turns out to be, in this case, the photographer who took the iconic images of, among others, Tina Turner, Lou Reed, Dennis Hopper, and is the author of the book A Portrait of M, the pictorial authority on Madonna.


    The guy’s name is Curtis Knapp.

    And there’s the other quiet, unassuming guy.

    Who turns out to be CR Gruver, keyboardist in the band The New Orleans Suspects, and next in line in the lineage of great New Orleans piano players, from Professor Longhair through Dr John and Jon Cleary. And on top of that, CR has recently opened a NOLA franchise of the famous School of Rock - the same one Jack Black made famous in the movie is a real thing and CR is the local Jack Black.


    Ali James took violin lessons so she could get a violin, took ballet so she could get tap shoes, and got married so she could get health insurance. She no longer has the vioin or the shoes and the husband has turned into a

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  9. Why You Shouldn’t Open a Restaurant (Ep. 347)

    Kenji Lopez-Alt became a rock star of the food world by bringing science into the kitchen in a way that everyday cooks can appreciate. Then he dared to start his own restaurant — and discovered problems that even science can’t solve.

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  10. Peggy Hopkins Joyce and Charlie Chaplin (Fake News: Fact-Checking Hollywood Babylon, Episode 8) — You Must Remember This

    Music:Original music was composed for this episode by Evan Viola. Most of the rest of the music used in this episode, with the exception of the intro and outro, was sourced from royalty-free music libraries and licensed music collections. The intro includes a clip from the film Casablanca. The outro song this week is “I’m a Rich Man’s Toy” by The Auteurs.Excerpts from the following songs were used throughout the episode:Credits:Our special guest this week is John Mulaney.This episode was written, narrated and produced by edited by Karina Longworth.Editors: Sam Dingman and Jacob Smith.Research and production assistant: Lindsey D. Schoenholtz.Social media assistant: Brendan Whalen.Logo design: Teddy Blanks.

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