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  1. Working for the Holidays: How Does a Christmas Decorator Do His Job? - Working

    This week, Working is taking a break from its season about Homelessness Services to get into the Holiday Spirit. Jordan talks to Jame Bonavita, the owner of B&R Christmas Decorators — one of the companies responsible for the famously all out lights displays in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn. James tells Jordan how he got into the this business and what it's like design holiday decorations in a neighborhood that's become world famous for them.

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  2. A better way to measure developer productivity | A special episode with Laura Tacho and Abi Noda - Engineering Enablement by Abi Noda

    In this episode, Abi is interviewed by Laura Tacho about the new paper he co-authored with Dr. Nicole Forsgren, Dr. Margaret-Anne Storey, and Dr. Michaela Greiler. Abi and Laura discuss the pitfalls of some of the common metrics organizations use, and how the new paper builds on prior frameworks such as DORA and SPACE to offer a new approach to measuring and improving developer productivity. Discussion topics:

    (2:20) Laura’s background

    (3:59) Laura’s view on git metrics

    (11:05) What developer experience (DevEx) is 

    (14:37) How the authors came together for this paper 

    (18:55) How DORA and SPACE are different

    (22:38) Limitations of DORA metrics 

    (24:43) Employing the DORA metrics at GitHub

    (27:47) What the SPACE framework is

    (30:44) Whether to use DORA or SPACE or both

    (33:54) Limitations of the SPACE framework

    (37:29) The need for a new approach 

    (38:46) What the new DevEx paper solves 

    (40:13) The three dimensions of developer experience 

    (40:54) Flow state 

    (43:10) Feedback loops

    (43:52) Cognitive load

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  3. Auto-Tone — Twenty Thousand Hertz - The stories behind the world’s most recognizable and interesting sounds.

    The sound of a roaring combustion engine is a fixture of modern life. But

    as electric vehicles become more and more common, these mechanical sounds

    will gradually be replaced with artificial tones that have been designed

    from scratch. And once self-driving cars start to take over, there will be

    an even bigger need for creative and intuitive sound design. In this

    episode, we explore the future of car sounds with Audio UX Co-Founder

    Dexter Garcia and Creative Consultant/Futurist John LePore.

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  4. The Scientist and the Swindler - Cautionary Tales with Tim Harford -

    Cautionary Conversation: Celebrated physicist Professor Paul Frampton was on his way to Brussels to meet the love of his life, swimwear model Denise Milani. Or so he thought. When he found himself in jail, he realized he’d fallen prey to a confidence trickster.

    Tim Harford is joined by Maria Konnikova - journalist, psychologist and best-selling author - to talk about swindlers: what motivates them; what they look for in their victims; and how to avoid being conned altogether.

    Listener questions

    Tim is taking your questions. Do you have any queries about one of the stories we've covered? Are you curious about how we make the show?  Send in your questions, however big or small, and Tim will do his best to answer them in a special Q&A episode.

    You can email your question to or leave a voice note at 914-984-7650. That's a US number, so please be aware that if you're calling from outside the US international rates will apply.

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