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  1. FT 009: Building a Recurring Revenue Consulting Business with Einar Vollset - Freelance Transformation

    Einar Vollset shares how he built App Aftercare, an entirely recurring revenue-based consulting business and his very effective strategy for finding the right clients.

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  2. MacVoices #1280: Glenn Fleishman Takes Control of BBEdit - MacVoices

    MacVoices #1280 [ 41:40 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

    Glenn Fleishman starts out by explaining the differences between a word processor and a text processor such as the subject of his new book, Take Control of BBEdit, then dives into the many capabilities of the program for authors, web editors and content creators of all stripes. Support for HTML and Markdown are just two of BBEdit’s capabilities. Glenn talks about both with examples of how BBEdit is used in the production of TidBITS, some work-arounds for a feature that isn’t there (yet), and how BBEdit requires some thoughtful set-up to get the most out of its power. BBEdit’s projects features, text completion, and integration with version tracking systems and much more are part of the book, and part of this introduction by Glenn.


    Chuck Joiner is the producer and host of MacVoices, MacVoicesTV, MacNotables and The MacJury, a group of shows and web sites that

    make up The MacVoices Group, and is part of MacLevelTen . You can catch up with what he’s doing by following him on Twitter, friending him on Facebook, or circling him on


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    MacLevelTen – The Mac Media Group

    Glenn Fleishman is a TidBITS contributing editor and a Seattle journalist who covers technology for publications like The Economist, The Seattle Times, and Ars Technica. Glenn is a senior contributor at Macworld, and writes regularly for BoingBoing. For TidBITS, Glenn builds and runs much of the technology infrastructure. Glenn lives in Seattle with his wife, Lynn, sons Ben and Rex, two iPhones, an iPad, and a dozen Macs of various vintages. You can find out what’s on his mind by following him on Twitter.

    Take Control of BBEdit


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  3. Episode 9: “And the Sky Full of Stars” | The Audio Guide to Babylon 5

    Steven Schapansky Radio Free Skaro‘s Steven Schapansky joins Shannon, Chip and Erika as we explore what someone new to Babylon 5 makes of “And the Sky Full of Stars,” probably the first “WHAM!” episode of the series. Sinclair’s character arc kicks into high gear as the mystery of the Battle of the Line is foregrounded, and your hosts and guest talk about the surrealism, The Prisoner, director Janet Greek and of course our regular Sinclair Check. Then we “space” Steven, leap into spoiler space and read Universe Today.

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  4. Episode 8: “The War Prayer” | The Audio Guide to Babylon 5

    Podcast: Play in new window

    | Download

    Like the Mark Twain short story itself (included as bonus audio at the end of the podcast), its namesake B5 episode “The War Prayer” is in no way, shape or form subtle. Find out what Erika, Shannon and Chip thought of this first foray into the B5 universe for legendary Star Trek writer D.C. Fontana.

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  5. Episode 7: “Mind War” | The Audio Guide to Babylon 5

    Just wanted to add to the comments about JMS returning to the giant glowing mushroom at Sigma 957. As intriguing as it would be to never have found them again, it was set up in the episode that mysterious forces roam that area, I believe, if I remember correctly, that that is the reason GKar refuses to help Catherine Sakai in their negotiations.

    If he is aware of multiple reports that first ones roam there, even if he’s unaware that it is a first one, it means that the big shiney mushroom of doom must therefore be a regular visitor to the area. And as JMS is keen to point out, if there’s a gun one the wall in act 1 then you must use the gun in act 3. It wouldn’t, in my opinion, fit his universe to not bring back the mushroom.

    Plus it also gives us another great Marcus/Ivanova scene! “I’ll get a bucket”

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  6. Episode 6: “The Parliament of Dreams” | The Audio Guide to Babylon 5

    Erika, I so wish you could see in Sinclair what I see!

    There’s a maturity there that I have always found totally compelling.

    It’s a subtlety of manner that always left me wondering – knowing – that there was something so substantial underneath that made me want to know more, to see more!

    I’m beginning to think it may just be a matter of our age difference that makes us see things differently (not giving out actual numbers, but suffice it to say I watched Star Trek: TOS during it’s initial run).

    During the original B5 run, I was so upset to lose O’Hare.

    Even more upset more recently to find out the sad reasons behind it.

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  7. Episode 5: “Infection” | The Audio Guide to Babylon 5

    Hi guys Luke here from Lincoln, UK. A HUGE Babylon 5 fan, I am so glad I stumbled upon this little diamond of a website. Loving the podcasts, you guys are great. Just catching up with them and watching each episode. Loved your last podcast for Born to the Purple, the debate about the psyche of Londo was fascinating. I always love watching each episode and discovering new angles, new character quirks, remembering the, for the most part, exquisite writing and all the subtle clues and world building for what is to come.

    Saying that, infection is not one of my favourites…but I will watch it as it does have lots of foundation for future events. Looking forward to your views!

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  8. Episode 4: “Born to the Purple” | The Audio Guide to Babylon 5

    To be honest, I found this one to be a bit boring.

    Not that I didn’t buy the romance, because both actors sold the hell out of that. It was more that maybe they did too good a job. We never got to see a point at which she was willing to betray him, or a point at which he was either distrusting or angry enough to do her harm. There just wasn’t much tension to the romance itself, and the paper thin external plot didn’t seem to have enough weight to be a real threat. (see podcast on silly heavies with sunglasses) It just didn’t hold my interest.

    The character bits for the rest of the cast were good, but perhaps less interesting if you don’t know where they are going. Mostly I feel like we could have gotten what we needed from this episode with a 15min. clip show, and edit out the plot entirely.

    I kept myself entertained through it by trying to deconstruct those Centuri costumes. They ridiculous, and yet somehow pleasing to look at. Plus (as stated on the podcast) they tell us way more about the culture they come from than is written in the text. So cheers for costuming!

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  9. Episode 3: “Soul Hunter” | The Audio Guide to Babylon 5

    [Spoilers for later developments in the show, esp. season 2-3.

    Do let me know if you’d prefer to keep comments on the podcasts themselves spoiler-free.]

    Another thing about Sinclair getting in the Starfury and heading out himself is that – as Garibaldi later points out – Sinclair is not entirely psychologically healthy when it comes to his self-destructive tendencies.

    Which relates to the great Sinclair-Sheridan debate (and I’d be very happy, by the way, if you continue developing your thoughts on that in future episodes).

    Personally, I tend to think of them as almost the same character.

    But, beyond that, I feel that if I separate actor from character, and just concentrate on how the character is written, it’s a tremendous shame

    that we weren’t able to follow the development of Jeffrey Sinclair over the whole story.

    Sinclair is a significantly more complex character than Sheridan, and there are multiple facets to his portrayal in season one that were presumably planted to be returned to later.

    This is one.

    His death wish is fascinating to think about in the context of Z’ha’dum (a story element which, from the presentation of Catherine Sakai, I think must have entered the picture early on).

    The need to put Sheridan in the right place in the plot swiftly strips his character down to the essentials.

    To my mind, at least, he’s easily the least complex figure among the main characters.

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