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  1. Memoir of an anthropologist | RNZ

    The name Higham is highly distinguished in the field of archaeology. Last year we interviewed Oxford University’s Professor Tom Higham, originally from Dunedin, on his book How Science is Revealing a New Story of Our Human Origins. Now his dad has a book out too, his memoir. Charles Higham has been an eminent professor of archaeology at Otago, now emeritus, and his new book’s called DIGGING DEEP - A Journey into Southeast Asia’s past. He’s still working at the forefront of discoveries there, extracting DNA from older and older humans there, creating deeper and deeper knowledge all the time of our ancient past as a species, how we lived and organised ourselves. Charles came to Otago University from Cambridge in the 1960s, with wife Polly and a very young Tom, and they have stayed.


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  2. Shanghaied: Living with Zero Covid - The Little Red Podcast - Omny.fm

    After two long months, Shanghai’s brutal lockdown is over in name, but Xi Jinping is telling officials to ‘unswervingly adhere’ to Zero COVID, despite the costs. Shanghai’s lockdown brought chaos to global supply chains and torpedoed China’s once-sacred economic growth targets. It’s also taken a toll on the city’s residents; once the nation’s most privileged, they had a front row seat to the arbitrary nature of government decrees. To unpack what happens next, Louisa and Graeme are joined by Jennifer Pak, the Shanghai-based correspondent for Marketplace and Victor Shih, political economist at the University of California, San Diego whose new book Coalitions of the Weak: Elite Politics in China from Mao’s Stratagem to the Rise of Xi is just out.  

    Image: c/- Wikimedia Commons. Hubei medical team aid Shanghai COVID-19 community testing on 4 April 2022. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XzrsLxGy9Gg



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  3. Joshua Prager: whatever happened to baby Roe? | RNZ

    Almost 50 years ago the US Supreme Court handed down the landmark Roe v Wade ruling securing a woman’s legal right to obtain an abortion. IThe plaintiff at the centre of the case, known by the pseudonym Jane Roe, was Louisiana-born woman Norma McCorvey. Journalist Joshua Prager spent hundreds of hours with McCorvey and her three children up until her death in 2017, and tells her story in his latest book, The Family Roe.


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  4. Professor Craig Cary: exploring extreme bacteria in Antarctica | RNZ

    A robot that can sample planktonic communities under the Antarctic ice shelf is the latest tool developed by Professor Craig Cary and his colleagues to help forecast the future impacts of climate change. A microbial ecologist, Cary has studied bacteria in the world’s most extreme environments, including deep sea hydrothermal vents and our own geothermal areas.


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