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  1. Does the Beard Maketh the Man? | RNZ

    Dr. Eleanor Rycroft is a Lecturer in Theatre at the University of Bristol and has been looking at the question of when did beards suddenly become important?


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  2. Lower quality (64kbps)

    Profile interview with poet and theologian Padraig O’Tuama.


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  3. Lower quality (64kbps)

    Audrey Brown looks back at the life of former Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe


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  4. Be Water: Hong Kong vs China, with Denise Ho, Badiucao and Clive Hamilton from The Little Red Podcast | Podbay

    Listen to episodes of The Little Red Podcast on Podbay.


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  5. Ruth Mottram - The melting of Greenland’s ice sheet | RNZ

    What can Greenland’s vast ice sheet tell us about the health of the world’s glaciers? Glaciologist and climate scientist Ruth Mottram works for the Danish Meteorological Institute in Copenhagen where she studies the glaciers of Greenland for what they can tell us about our changing climate. These streams of densely compacted ice form over millenia, and can provide valuable water and tourism dollars for the communities around them. But with global temperatures rising, they are melting at an alarming rate.


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  6. Lower quality (64kbps)

    As a critic of President Duterte, her arrest this year was seen as politically motivated.


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  7. Lower quality (64kbps)

    The TV talent show at the forefront of the continuing struggle in Afghanistan


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  8. Lower quality (64kbps)

    Betty Bigombe spent much of her career trying to negotiate peace with warlord Joseph Kony


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  9. Lower quality (64kbps)

    Vaira Viķe-Freiberga became president of Latvia in 1999 and re-elected in 2003


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  10. A cure for Ebola? Virologist Chris Smith | RNZ

    New antibody based treatments with a success rate of up to 90% are set to become a game-changer in the fight against the deadly viral disease Ebola. A recent outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo that began in August last year has killed more than 1,800 people. Dr Chris Smith is a consultant virologist at Cambridge University and one of BBC Radio 5 Live’s Naked Scientists. He’ll talk about the threat posed by Ebola, and the hope that these new experimental treatments will be able to contain the latest outbreak and lessen the ‘aura of terror’ surrounding this dreaded haemorraghic disease.


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