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    Jonathan Sumption argues that courts have usurped power via human rights law


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    What makes a successful leader?


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  3. Anna Fifield: ‘Don’t underestimate Kim Jong Un’ | RNZ

    North Koreans are not "robots brainwashed by their weird leader", just ordinary people trying to make ends meet, says award-winning New Zealand journalist Anna Fifield. She lifts the curtain on the strange and brutal North Korean dictator in a new book called The Great Successor: The Divinely Perfect Destiny of Brilliant Comrade Kim Jong Un​.


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  4. Depave Paradise - 99% Invisible

    The largest city in North America, Mexico City, sits at the center of a high valley, 7,000 feet in the air, surrounded by volcanoes. Over a millennium and a half ago, a volcano called Xitle erupted. Molten lava poured into the valley and covered around 30 square miles in a bed of volcanic rock. Today,


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    Jonathan Sumption argues that the law is taking over the space once occupied by politics


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  6. Focus on disability: Jobs for everyone | RNZ

    Kathryn meets Cesilee Coulson, Executive Director of GoWise Seattle, the NGO in Washington State which has helped get over 80 per cent of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities into work. New Zealand’s rate is around 15 per cent. At the centre of the Seattle model is the concept of "employment first" which asserts the rights of all disabled people to be able to be in paid employment in the regular labour market.


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  7. Deeyah Khan: Up close and personal with extremists | RNZ

    Muslim director Deeyah Khan’s spent the last part of her career looking at extremism in both white supremacist movements as well as Islamic groups. She speaks to Paul about the dangers of dealing with extremists and what she’s learnt from them. 


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  8. ‘Hey charity sector we need to be brutally honest’ - Vu le | RNZ

    A frank take on working in the non profit sector with Vu Le a funny US blogger and speaker in the field who talks about the state of the sector and relationships with funders. That includes topics like destructive power dynamics, the need for decent charity overheads, and the perils of short-term restricted grants. He is the Executive Director of Seattle-based not-for-profit Rainier Valley Corps and he blogs at nonprofit AF. He is in New Zealand for The Philanthropy Summit The Future of Trust 15-17th May, Te Papa, Wellington.


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  9. What’s behind Pushpay’s success and Uber’s IPO flounders | RNZ

    Ahead of Tech Week, technology commentator Sarah Putt looks at the success in the US of Kiwi company Pushpay - but why is its CEO and co-founder retiring? And Uber has listed on Wall Street - but it didn’t go well. Why isn’t its model profitable? She’ll also talk to Kathryn about government steps to address the "digital divide" - why does it fall short of what’s needed?


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  10. Choose your own Dystopia Part One: Social Media and Surveillance Capitalism from The Little Red Podcast on podbay

    Listen to episodes of The Little Red Podcast on podbay.fm.


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