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  1. Matangireia: Episode 6 - Marama Fox | RNZ

    [click for video] They called her ‘the Foxy Lady’ and just a few weeks after entering parliament Masterton mother of nine Marama Fox almost brought down her party’s government.


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  2. Kaitiakitanga & rahui: adding colour to Maori concepts | RNZ

    An enterprising book in Te Reo and English teaching the important Maori concepts of kaitiakitanga and rahui is just going into its second print run. Te haerenga o Piri - Piri’s Adventure - is a colouring book, designed by four Northland high school students, intended for much younger children and the adults who read it to them. Susie Ferguson speaks with Te Kura Taumata o Panguru student-turned-author Iripareraukura Te Tai - one of the Year 13s behind this book, launched under their business Nga Tai Awatea. Kaiako Aaron McCloy, from Papa Taiao Moana Restoration also joins.


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  3. Lower quality (64kbps)

    Dr Rhiannon Lloyd talks to Roy Jenkins about her life and her work in reconciliation.


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  4. British American Tobacco faces child labour test case | RNZ

    The Guardian’s health editor Sarah Boseley’s campaign to highlight the plight of child labourers working in the tobacco industry in Malawi has prompted human rights lawyers working for UK law firm Leigh Day to prepare a landmark class action highlighting the labour practices of British American Tobacco. Meanwhile, the US has suspended all tobacco imports from the African country over the child labour allegations. Other multinationals will be closely following the lawsuit to see how far it could impact on their own operations.


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  5. Could an experimental drug reverse Parkinson’s? | RNZ

    British neurosurgeon Professor Steven Gill is trying to halt, or even reverse, the development of the progressive neurological condition Parkinson’s with an experimental drug: GDNF. Medical trials for the drug were the subject of the BBC Two documentary The Parkinson’s Drug Trial: a Miracle Cure? Filmed over six years, the show follows some of the 42 people taking part in this groundbreaking study. Even though the results so far seem to be inconclusive, some subjects report miraculous changes in their range of movement and quality of life. So can GDNF bring hope to the 10 million people affected by Parkinson’s worldwide? IFrame The Parkinson’s Drug Trial: a Miracle Cure? will screen on Sky TV’s BBC Earth channel on Saturday 9 November at 9:20pm.?


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  6. William Dalrymple- the anarchic rise of the East India Company | RNZ

    Across a 30 year writing career, Scottish historian, broadcaster and critic William Dalrymple has been preoccupied with the history and culture of India. It’s the country he now calls home for half the year, spending summers in his native Scotland. With family connections to India dating back for generations, his latest book The Anarchy traces the ‘relentless rise’, dazzling heyday, and the sometimes shameful past of the East India Company. At the peak of its powers, this prototype for the vast multinationals of today exerted as much power and influence as any nation state.


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  7. Matangireia - Sandra Lee | RNZ

    Sandra Lee was the first Māori woman to win a general electorate seat and the first person to lead a Māori Party - Mana Motuhake - into Parliament. Tonight - Te Ahi Kaa features episode four of the political legacy series - Mātangireia with host, writer and blogger Morgan Godfery.


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  8. Whittakers helping to revitalise Samoa’s cocoa industry | RNZ

    New Zealand chocolate producer, Whittakers, is looking to extend its Cocoa Improvement Programme in Samoa.


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  9. Taking Fly My Pretties off the stage and into the studio | RNZ

    The members of musical collective Fly My Pretties are a who’s-who of New Zealand music; there’s Hollie Smith, LA Mitchell, Age Pryor, Samuel Flynn Scott and many more. All led by the direction of Barnaby Weir, frontman for The Black Seeds and many other musical manifestations. In its 15 year history Fly My Pretties has developed a reputation for incredible live performances, and has released six best-selling live albums. But they’ve never made a studio album, until now, with the release of The Studio Recordings Part One which captures some of their songs in full polished sonic glory. We’ll take a listen to some with Barnaby. Fly My Pretties will be playing a free show in Picton on Saturday 23rd Nov and a special show at Hamilton Gardens on Feb 29. They will also be touring in May 2020.


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  10. The Slap author’s foray into historical fiction | RNZ

    Australian author Christos Tsiolkas is best known for his fourth novel, The Slap, from 2009. This closely-observed portrait of simmering social tension won a Commonwealth Writers’ Prize and was turned into a popular TV series in Australia and the US. The subject matter for his sixth and latest novel Damascus couldn’t have got much more ambitious; it’s an excursion into historical fiction tracing the formation of the Christian church using the writings of St. Paul as its source text. Christos Tsiolkas is coming to Wellington in November for Verb festival. You can find details of his events here.


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