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  1. Red, White and Brass: New Wellington Tongan film on screen | RNZ

    If you've ever been in Auckland or Wellington when the Tongan national Rugby Union or League team is playing you'll know how passionate their fans are. A new feature film, Red, White and Brass brings that passion to the big screen. Co-writer and co-producer Halaifonua (Nua) Finau and lead actor John-Paul Foliaki are with us.


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  2. Paul O’Neil: Fighting Fraud with Films | RNZ

    [picture id="4N0YX2Wcopyrightīmage218468" crop="16x10" layout="thumbnail"] Each year New Zealander's are swindled out of millions of their hard earned dollars by scam artists and fraudsters. The NZ International Fraud Film Festival 2023 returns to Auckland later this month with a line-up of films that exposes the underbelly of fraud and its impact globally and locally. This year's Festival programme explores the psychology of fraudsters, how the public can be exploited, institutional corruption, forgery, scam prevention, cyber criminals and more Paul O'Neil is a former acting director of the Serious Fraud Office and is the spokesman for the festival. [picture id="4N0YX2Wcopyrightīmage218468" crop="16x10" layout="full"] [picture id="4N0YX2Wcopyrightīmage218468" crop="16x10" layout="thumbnail"]


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  3. ‎The Two Testaments: Deuteronomy 14:1–16:17 (Food and Festivals) on Apple Podcasts

    Dr. Michael Rhodes (Carey Baptist College) talks to us about Deuteronomy 14:1–16:17. We discuss:

    • The logic of the food laws

    • The tithe laws and justice

    • The practicality and meaning of the remission of debts every seven years

    • The significance of the three yearly festivals

    Relevant Work by Mich…


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  4. Brigid Delaney: how to be Stoic in Chaotic Times | RNZ

    If you're feeling frazzled with the festive season, then you might want to take a leaf out of Brigid Delaney's new book. The author and senior writer for Guardian Australia says she spent years living a chaotic lifestyle but in 2018 turned her attention to Stoicism, an ancient philosophy which promotes the idea that we shouldn't unnecessarily worry about things outside our control. Drawing on age-old schools of thought, Delaney's book Reasons Not to Worry, How to be Stoic in Chaotic Times offers practical tips for everything from beating FOMO, dealing with pandemic pandemonium and finding inner calm.


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