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  1. So a Monkey and a Horse Walk Into a Bar | This American Life

    Blurring the line between animal and human.


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  2. Quotidian Public Radio #3: Nation of Talkers - “Planet Comment” on Huffduffer

    Posted Wednesday, Feb 4, 2009

    Social Media expert, Dr. Robert Chandler (onFocus University), joins Connor to discuss web-based community and user-generated content. He also takes a few calls from QPR listeners.

    [Show Link](http://qpr.tumblr.co


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  3. In Praise of Maintenance - Freakonomics

    Is adequate maintenance more important for a growing society than exciting innovation? (Photo: Marc A. Hermann/MTA New York City Transit)

    Our latest Freakonomics Radio episode is called “In Praise of Maintenance”

    Has our culture’s obsession with innovation led us to neglect the fact that things also need to be taken care of?


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  4. BBC World Service - Discovery, The Alien Equation

    50th anniversary of the equation that launched the search for ET.

    Kevin Fong celebrates the anniversary of one of the most iconic equations ever written. The Drake Equation was created by Frank Drake some half a century ago in a bid to answer one of the most profound questions facing science and humanity: are we alone? Its creation launched a 50 year, genuine scientific endeavour to search for ET, known as SETI: The Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence. Kevin visits the SETI Institute in Northern California, to meet the great man himself, Frank Drake, and some of his scientific colleagues who have spent most of their working lives hunting for signs of alien life, out there in the cosmic ether.


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  5. Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty — Responsive Web Design

    What if site speed were actually a life-or-death matter? Kim Conger from Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty worked with Dan Mall and Tim Kadlec to make performance the top priority.


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  6. Singalong with the Kitchen Sisters

    The Kitchen Sisters (Davia Nelson & Nikki Silva) are producers of  the duPont-Columbia Award-winning and  James Beard Award-nominated NPR series Hidden Kitchens, and the two Peabody Award-winning NPR series, Lost

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  7. Third Coast International Audio Festival :: Mastering the Grill: Why Some Interviews Go Up in Smoke

    Brooke Gladstone is host and managing editor of NPR’s On the Media, produced by WNYC Radio. She has been the senior editor of All Things Considered and Weekend Edition with Scott Simon, also a Moscow correspondent and NPR’s first media reporter. She has won a couple of Peabody Awards among others.


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  8. Third Coast International Audio Festival :: Caging the Chaos: How to Produce Radio Stories That Aren’t Exactly Stories

    Common sense dictates that a good radio story should start with a firm sense of what the story is. But what if you only have the vaguest sense of the story — whether it’s a scenario, or an idea, or even a joke you’d like to tell?

    Working this way is uneconomical in terms of time and money, and more to the point, a murky beginning may go nowhere. But according to Jonathan Goldstein, exploring a story in this manner can also be exciting, and lead to unexpected places and unforgettable results. 


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  9. Die, Mediocrity, Die!

    Do your own radio scripts ever bore you? Or frustrate, confuse, and deflate you? 

    Nancy Updike, who has written stories ranging in length from 50 seconds to 59 minutes, presents easy approaches to making your writing sharper, more memorable, and more engaged with the tape. Also, learn how to make drab tape beautiful through writing, and along the way, enjoy some schadenfreude: instructive stories of mistakes and failure are shared for the benefit of all.


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  10. These Are a Few of Robert Krulwich’s Favorite Things

    A correspondent for National Public Radio, award-winning producer Robert Krulwich regularly appears on Morning Edition and All Things Considered. He is co-host of RadioLab, a nationally distributed radio series that explores new developments in science for people who are curious but not usually drawn to science shows. No stranger to TV, Krulwich contributes to ABC’s Nightline, World News Tonight and World News Now. His talent for on-air teaching is often called upon to make complicated subjects comprehensible. Over the years, he’s used ballet companies, puppets, and animals (live and stuffed) to help illustrate hard-to-understand concepts in finance, biology, and economics. 


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