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  1. The Knowledge Project Podcast by Shane Parrish: Rory Sutherland on The Psychology of Advertising, Complex Evolved Systems, Reading, Decision Making

    Rory Sutherland (@rorysutherland) is the Vice Chairman of Ogilvy & Mather Group, which is one of the largest advertising companies in the world.  This interview was recorded live in London, England.  Rory started the behavioral insights team and spends his days applying behavioral economics and evolutionary psychology to solve problems that conventionally advertising agencies haven't been able to solve.  In this wide-ranging interview we talk about: how advertising agencies are solving airport security problems, what Silicon Valley misses; how to mess with self-driving cars, reading habits, decision making, the intersection of advertising and psychology, and so much more.  Enjoy this amazing conversation.

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  2. Episode 097: Kevin Kelly on Virtual Worlds and Raising the Global Teenager – Singularity Bros

    Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSSOne day he’s in Uzbekistan, the next he’s on our podcast. There’s no predicting the inimitable Kevin Kelly.

    Kevin Kelly. Where to start? Whole Earth Review. Wired. A slew of dope books, including The Inevitable (now available in paperback). He’s a man of deep interests, and a deeply interesting man. I dare you—I fucking dare you—to not like this episode.


    Check out these gorgeous photos from Kevin’s recent trip to Uzbekistan.

    “1,000 True Fans” by Kevin, AKA the hymn of this podcast.

    Second Life’s successor, Sansar, looks pretty sweet. Way better than Coke Music anyway.

    “The Global Teenager” by Kevin

    If you want to know more about the “Dweckian growth mindset,” Carol Dweck’s TED talk is a place to start.

    Media Mentions™


    Change Agent by Daniel Suarez

    The Expanse


    The Man in the High Castle

    The podcast Reply All—in particular the episodes “The Russian Passenger” and “Boy in Photo”

    The New York Times (in analog paper)







    The Complete Guide to Fasting by Jason Fung

    Standard Ebooks

    Nook (that’s the model I got)




    Anti-mention: Lord of Light by Roger Zelazny


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  3. 21 - Patrick Collison has a Few Questions for Tyler

    A few months ago, Tyler asked Patrick Collison, CEO of Stripe, to be on the show. Patrick agreed, but only under the condition that the be the one to do the interviewing. Thus, what follows is the conversation Patrick wanted to have with Tyler, not the one you wanted to have.

    Happily Patrick stayed true to the spirit of Conversations with Tyler, and their dialogue covers a wide range of topics including the the benefits of diverse monocultures, the state of macroeconomics, Donald Trump, the amazing economics faculty at GMU, Peter Thiel, Brian Eno, Thomas Schelling, why Twitter is underrated, and — most pressing of all — why Marginal Revolution is so strange looking.


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  4. Interview With Scott Galloway: Masters in Business (Audio)

    Bloomberg View columnist Barry Ritholtz interviews Scott Galloway, an adjunct professor of marketing at the NYU Stern School of Business, where he teaches brand strategy and digital marketing to second-year MBA students. He is also the author of the Digital IQ Index ®, a global ranking of prestige brands’ digital competence.

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