Ep. 40 - Michael Tucker, Act One — Hollywood Hustle

About the EpisodeWE'RE BACK!!!The Boys are back to bring more stories of Artists struggling to climb the ladder of success and how to survive the City of Dreams: Los Angeles.We start off with the creator of the popular YouTube channel, "Lessons From The Screenplay", Michael Tucker.  Michael talks to Daniel about growing up in Pleasant Hill, near the Bay Area.  Discovering film and forcing friends to be in his home movies.  We discuss going to film school and not always following the assignment parameters.  They discuss Directing, Writing, Michael's creative collective he started with friends and of course his hit channel "Lessons From The Screenplay" or LFTS for short.  Michael discusses where the idea came about, how he's learned from it, how it's evolved, maintaining the channel and starting a Pattern to support it.  Michael is incredibly knowledgable and kind.  You do not want to miss this.