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  1. Test Driven Development vs Behavior Driven Development

    TDD vs BDD, Test Driven Development vs Behaviour Driven Development which is most important to get right? Most people think of BDD and TDD as having distinctly different focusses in an effective automated testing strategy. In fact they are more closely related than many people think.

    In this episode on the Continuous Delivery channel, Dave Farley, who was involved in the creation of BDD, explains his slightly more unusual take on the real value of this approach to creating automated tests. Dave believes that TDD and BDD are at the foundations of a sound software engineering approach to software development and explores these ideas with some real-world examples of good and bad automated tests.



    The original BDD wiki that Dave helped to write ➡️

    The 1968 NATO Software Engineering Conference ➡️

    🎓 CD TRAINING COURSES 🎓 If you want to learn Continuous Delivery and DevOps skills, check out Dave Farley's courses ➡️

    📚 BOOKS:

    📖 Dave’s NEW BOOK "Modern Software Engineering" is now available on Kindle ➡️ (Paperback version available soon) In this book,…

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  2. How To Analyze Movies – Film Studies 101

    Get a full year of Nebula and CuriosityStream for less than $15

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    Co-edited by Ryan Alva


    Music by Epidemic Sound

    SEND US SOME MAIL: Patrick Willems P.O. Box 380333 Brooklyn, NY 11238

    00:00 Intro 03:50 Asking Why 07:08 What Is The Story Saying 11:22 Visual Language 13:07 Style & Aesthetic 16:45 Perspective 18:41 Lenses 23:53 Color 27:45 Aspect Ratio 30:54 Lighting 32:58 Blocking & Camera Movement 39:34 Editing 46:37 Sound 55:50 Putting It All Together 01:01:28 Auteur Theory 01:07:32 Cinema History 01:10:48 Genre 01:15:11 Other Lenses 1:18:09 - Ending

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  3. The Coffee Expert: The Surprising Link Between Coffee & Your Mental Health! James Hoffmann

    If you enjoy hearing about the world of coffee, I recommend you check out my conversation with the founder of Pret, Julian Metcalfe, which you can find here:

    0:00 Intro 02:09 Why Coffee? 03:55 Are We addicted To Coffee? 05:56 The Only Reason We Should Stop Drinking Coffee 08:38 Do We Get Immune To Coffee The More We Drink? 11:04 The Surprising Health Benefits Of Coffee 22:40 How Caffeine Actually Works 27:04 Becoming The World’s Number 1 Barista Champion 28:16 The Biggest Misconceptions About Coffee 31:10 Blind Tasting Different Coffees 43:43 Your Businesses 44:46 What Are The Topics About Coffee People Care Most About 53:14 Coffee Pods 54:50 The History Of Coffee 58:14 Your Favourite Coffee Drink 01:03:22 The Future Of Coffee 01:06:10 What Coffee Should We Buy 01:09:52 What’s Your Sleep Like 01:11:11 Most Important Career Advice 01:15:43 How You Built Good Communication Skills 01:19:40 Closing Message About Coffee 01:20:42 The Last Guests Question

    You can purchase James’ most recent book, ‘How to Make The Best Coffee at Home’, here:

    Follow James: Instagram: Twitter:

    My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now:

    Listen …

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  4. The Making of NHL 94 - 30th Anniversary Documentary

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    NHL 94 is largely considered one of the best sports games ever made. 30 years after its release we talk to the developers about that era of sports game design and the magic that went into the development of NHL 94.

    Watch the "Pixelated Heroes" fan documentary here:

    Noclip's work is 100% crowdfunded. Patreon: Website: Store: Instagram: Twitter: Twitch: Podcast: Podcast Channel:

    00:00 - Intro 02:28 - The Origins of Madden 06:38 - EA Sports Network 13:47 - Mark Lesser Sports Game Design 20:45 - NHL 94 Features 30:24 - Fights 33:14 - Testing & Production 36:28 - One Timers 38:42 - Maine Magic 42:01 - NHL 24 46:48 - The Series After 94 49:54 - Why is NHL 94 Special? 53:48 - CREDITS

    Edited by Jeremy Jayne Additional Editing by Danny O'Dwyer Filmed by Jeremy Jayne Gameplay Cap…

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  5. Most Important Habit For Getting Lean (The Top 1% Know This)

    If you're looking to get lean, here is THE most important habit and the missing piece for 90% of people to see results.

    Coaching: If you want me to coach you on your fitness journey, go to to see the results of my coaching program. There you can also apply to work with me.

    Related videos: 5 Most Underrated Habits To Get Lean (You Must Try These Out!)

    How Long To Get From 25% to 15% Body Fat? (Reality Check)

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    About the video: Calorie deficit, lift weights, get your 10k steps, remove junk food, track your food intake… It's all great advice for fat loss, and you have probably heard it already. Most people learning how to lose weight have. But the reality is, despite knowing this. 90% of people still struggle with losing body fat and seeing results.

    And in this video I'm going to share why most people fail to get lean and the most important habit to get lean that makes all the other advice work. It goes into the mindset of what it truly takes to stick to plan and build long-term healthy habits. So whether your goal is losing fat or building muscle, this advice will h…

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  6. The Impact of Akira: The Film that Changed Everything

    CORRECTION: The music in Akira is not “Traditional Japanese music” it is a mix of world music but primarily Gamelan from Indonesia, Indonesia having had some… colonization issues with Japan, so that’s a pretty bad mistake to make. I Apologize for the mistake, and to anyone who was offended.

    Hey. Akira’s a pretty good movie. Kind of changed the history of anime. Gonna talk about it now.


    Regular Eyepatch Wolf:

    Akira: Story Behind the Film:

    Akira fan Poster

    Akira colours:

    Making of Akira (Dvd Extra)

    Variety Review:

    Lets Fight a Boss Podcast:

    Itunes: Sound Cloud: Youtube:

    Twitter: Instagram:

    Song List:

    Scandroid - Neo Tokyo (Dance with the Dead Remix) Dance with the Dead - Nightdrive C418- …

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  7. Line Goes Up – The Problem With NFTs

    If someone pitches you on a "great" Web3 project, ask them if it requires buying or selling crypto to do what they say it does.

    Sources and Further Reading

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  8. Small Steps Are the Fastest Way Forward: Life Beyond Agile & Scrum • Sander Hoogendoorn • GOTO 2023

    This presentation was recorded at GOTO Amsterdam 2023. #GOTOcon #GOTOams

    Sander Hoogendoorn - CTO at @aahoogendoorn


    ABSTRACT Continuously delivering value in times of chaos

    We live in extremely confusing times, with deadly viruses, populistic politicians, and rapidly evolving technology. Our world is changing fast. More precisely, our world is changing at an increasing speed. This makes life unplannable and unpredictable. Organizations need to adapt faster and faster, and even continuously, to keep up with new competitors that use new technologies easier, faster, and better than they do. Every aspect of how we build and deliver software changes towards smaller, shorter and faster.

    During this energizing and high-paced talk, Sander Hoogendoorn, CTO at e-commerce company iBOOD, discusses COVID, the Cynefin framework, and why software development often goes so terribly wrong. He will illustrate why and how we need to stop doing projects, move beyond Scrum and other traditional agile frameworks, and drift towards continuous experimentation in small teams. Sander will touch on self-organization and autonomy, …

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  9. OpenAI: the Sam Altman Saga Explained - Company Forensics

    If you liked this video, check out 'The Slow Death(?) of Twitter' ► Our GPT-4 powered pitch deck builder: ►

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    #slidebean #startups #openai #chatgpt #samaltman

    You sure have heard about the whole OpenAI rollercoaster lately. The drama's just swirling around like crazy, especially with Sam Altman and that intense board battle. It's like a never-ending saga. We tried breaking it down in a video to keep things simple, but it feels like there's always a new twist popping up every other day. Crazy times we're living in, right? –

    What is 'Slidebean'? We built a platform to help founders scale their startups, from making your pitch deck to setting up your company and managing your investor relationships.

    Our fundraising platform for startups ►

    Follow us Twitter aka X: LinkedIn: Instagram:

    Caya Twitter aka X: LinkedIn:

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  10. Why Dark Side of the Moon Still Matters

    Watch this video with no ads at:

    Check out my art at

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