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  1. Public Speaking, Broadcast Lag, and How To Get Used To Your Own Face

    From an unflattering angle on a windy London rooftop, let’s get ready to ramble! The BBC pronunciation story Tom talked about is in "Dictating to the Mob" by Jürg R. Schwyter: (aff. link: ) but is summarised in this string of tweets: /redirect?redirtoken=745ePZoX5WJHZaZJurCXK2216IB8MTUwNTc3NDU1MUAxNTA1Njg4MTUx&

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  2. Resting, Working, and Detoxing | The Weekly Briefly

    In our always-connected world, I think it’s getting more and more difficult to manage our work/life/digital boundaries.

    I think the answer is two-fold: (a) having a hobby or project or workflow that is non-digital; and (b) setting up boundaries for when we do and don’t stare at the screen.

    Resting and working with boundaries is, I think, a key component to living in the digital age. And I think this is so important because it’s a never-ending battle: The internet is never going to become less addicting; social networks are never going to be come less active; news and entertainment channels are never going to dial it down; and amazing and interesting things are going to continue to be created.


    “Digital Detox: Reboot or Die Trying” by David Roberts

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