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  1. A New Canon | Mark Boulton | New Adventures In Web Design conference | Nottingham | 20th January 2011

    In the real world, responsive design is nothing new. Products adapt to our needs. Technology monitors local environments to adjust lighting, temperature and even physical spaces. But what about web? In designing with words, the desire to bind content to a device has been around as long as there have been books. Mark will take you from desire to implementation, from theory to practice. How can we build upon what we know from literally hundreds of years of responsive design practice to define a new era of online publishing? An era where we strive for the same level of human / technology connection that started with the monks.

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  2. The New Language of Web Design | Dan Rubin | New Adventures In Web Design conference | Nottingham | 20th January 2011

    Our industry has aged into double digits, but much of the language we use to describe what we do and how things work is borrowed or repurposed, sometimes without issue, but often leading to confusion. Having a distinct set of terminology is an important sign of maturity for a line of work, those words and phrases to lead the next generation of practitioners — and it’s high time we set about creating it.

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  3. Once Upon a Time in the Web | Andy Clarke | New Adventures In Web Design conference | Nottingham | 20th January 2011

    Hold on there Bald Eagle. Why are we always in such a hurry? What’s the rush to reduce the number of clicks? Why not make people think? In movies, and in comic books, time and pace are as important as action. So in thirty short minutes, Andy Clarke investigates ways to stretch time using visual design to make more compelling web pages that keep people thinking — for longer.

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  4. Forrst Podcast 113

    Forrst Podcast 113: Chair Talk schema.org, Eames Lounge Chair, Django on Heroku with Celery and Sentry, JavaScript Libraries Statistics, A fresh look at JavaScript Mixins, The Anatomy of a…


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  5. Firefox 4 - A Minute With Brendan

    All about the upcoming release of Firefox 4 including the new SpiderMonkey JS interpreter including what is upcoming with web workers and web sockets. For some awesome examples of sockets and workers, checkout the recent applications created as part of Node Knockout competition.

    * Firefox 4
    * Mozilla Developer Blog
    * Mozilla Developer Center
    * Web Sockets
    * Web Workers
    * SpiderMonkey - The fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy

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  6. Finding harmony in web development

    A presentation on taking a more relaxed stance about web development and a call for less arguing and more productive use of our talents when talking about web standards. Given at the London Web Meetup.


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  7. TZ Interview – Luke Wroblewski / The User Interface Is The Product

    Justin and Jason speak with UI expert Luke Wroblewski about the evolving field of user interface design, why sign up forms must die, the challenges and advantages of designing for mobile devices, the essentials of good interface design and why the future is moving beyond web forms.

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  8. Get Stoked on Web Typography by Samantha Warren

    Typography can make or break a design, but there are big differences between what makes jaw-dropping type offline from what makes great type online? In this presentation, Samantha will evaluate interesting offline lettering and discuss how you can translate those principles and leverage CSS3, @font-face, and new font-as-service web apps to create engaging online typographic experiences.

    From http://audio.sxsw.com/2010/podcasts/

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  9. ExplicitWeb - Episode 2

    On this week’s show John introduces the basics of HTML5, Rob describes how to get animating with HTML5 Canvas and Hannah debates whether or not Flash has a future.

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  10. Elliot Jay Stocks – Progressive enhancement

    In the summer of ‘07 in a flood-soaked Oxford, England, Elliot appeared on stage for the very first time. His presentation, ‘Progressive Enhancement & Intentional Degradation’, looked at how to reward modern browsers with the latest CSS tricks and punish IE by dropping certain site features. Over two years later, what has changed? We’re starting to see the ideology of progressive enhancement — especially with CSS3 — spread throughout the web design community, but more work needs to be done.

    What can we do to spread the message further and design a better-looking web faster? Elliot will look at how features of the CSS2.1 and CSS3 specs can enhance your websites and he’ll examine the implication of using such techniques. He’ll look at the issues surrounding font embedding and the recent development of the font-as-service; the arguments about browser support; the potentially controversial irrelevance of validation; and how we can attempt to reach the future sooner by writing forward-thinking code. In this motivational presentation Elliot will urge you to embrace the techniques of modern web design and to stop worrying about the so-called restraints.

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