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  1. Caustic Soda: Sexually Transmitted Infections (Part 1): Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, HPV

    Caution, cyprianophobes! Katie Scoular doles out the facts on three of the most common STIs: the slang, the history, and the science. Plus news, pop culture and “The Lesser of Two Evils.”

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  2. Caustic Soda: Bacteria

    E-Coli, Salmonella, gut bacteria social networks (no, really!) and lots more infectious awesomeness! Jenna Capyk joins Kevin, Joe, and Toren for a podcast so chock full of prokaryotes it’s our longest yet!

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  3. Caustic Soda: Christmas

    Was the star of Bethlehem a supernova? What raunchy pagan festivals did Christianity co-opt for Jesus’ birthday? How many butchered children did Saint Nick resurrect, and who was St Nick’s demonic sidekick? Is Santa Claus just Odin One-Eye rebranded? Also, tragic reindeer death! Watch out deipnophobes – it’s a Very Caustic Christmas!

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  4. Caustic Soda: Body Worlds

    Pam Saunders gives Toren, Kevn and Joe a tour of the Body Worlds exhibit at Science World in Vancouver. We learn how the ‘plastination’ of corpses works, coal miner’s lung, situs inversus (major visceral organs are reversed or mirrored from their normal positions), why brains are wrinkled, and why Kevin knows nothing about the liver.

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